School Clubs A-Go-Go!

Ever felt totally inadequate? ¬†Ever wondered whether this motherhood gig is proving way beyond your capabilities? ¬†Well, yesterday was that dark day for me. ¬†Once again we have been foiled by the Secondary School after school clubs. ¬†My son was due to go to Basketball after school. ¬†He texted me to say the first session had been cancelled, but the second one was still going ahead so he came home and got changed to go back out again. ¬†We went to the school and I dropped him off. ¬†“See you in an hour darling”, I trill happily, totally unaware of the events about to unravel. ¬†I hung around for a couple of mins, just in case, then left. ¬†To save going all the way home and back again, my daughter and I went to the shops. ¬†We came back to get him approx 50 mins later. ¬†The son that was standing looking forlorn in front of the bike sheds filled me with trepidation. ¬†“It was cancelled Mummy”. ¬†“Oh no, what have you been doing all this time?” ¬†“Well, I walked home, rang the bell, realized you weren’t there, so walked back to school again….” His voice was breaking as the whole episode had clearly upset him. ¬†Bearing in mind it takes him 20 minutes to walk to school! ¬†The worst thing was he had wanted to take his phone, but I had told him not too in case it got nicked! ¬†I was mortified. ¬†I felt a total failure. ¬†If only I’d let him keep his phone….Or waited outside longer when I’d dropped him off….Or gone home instead of to the shops…my poor boy wouldn’t be looking so sorry for himself. ¬†Why does it have to be so hard!!!! ¬†I don’t remember any of this from when I started Secondary eons ago! ¬†Parents were hardly ever involved in school stuff, the kids just got on with it. ¬†Now, it seems I am going through the hard times along with my son… Hopefully we will have more highs than lows!

It did not help when my husband pipes up.. “Oh, so you were off gallivanting instead of being home for your son…” ¬†Talk about twisting the knife!!!! ¬†Suffice to say we have learnt yet another lesson. ¬†If my son is told something by one of his mates, he is not to take it as red, and he needs to ask a teacher! ¬†Also I have learnt to always let him keep his phone….Just in case.

What a pants day!  However on the plus side, my son cooked scones in Food Technology and brought them home with such pride.  He even helped me cook tea and did the washing up!  My husband thought he was seeing things when he walked in and there his boy was, in purple marigolds stood at the sink.  Long may it continue.

Target:  Step up the Secondary School Mumma Plate!

Keep Trying.

Back to “Normal?”

I really don’t know where to begin. ¬† ¬†The holidays are now a distant warm glow of memories. ¬†Both children are adapting to their new Year Groups at School. ¬†I am struggling to get back into the ole routine, as is my body. ¬†After endeavoring to get back to my gym classes this week, every part of my body seems to be screaming out for mercy! As for my writing, well this is my first blog in 2 months, and I am yet to sink myself into working on my next book. ¬†Every day so far I have had the best of intentions. ¬†One of the issues is that now I am back to spending more time at home, everything that needs updating or improving is niggling at me. ¬†The biggie is the kitchen! ¬†We have had a couple of design consultations for a new kitchen, but not kicked anything off yet. ¬†I had another salesman at my door yesterday offering their ‘free’ design service, so no doubt we will take him up on it so that my husband can carry on procrastinating for the next few months before we actually get round to doing anything! ¬†My problem is I have no patience, I want my new kitchen NOW! ¬†To be fair when we moved into this house 13 years ago the plan was to get the kitchen updated… It is still the same one, so I have been RATHER patient already don’t you think!

To add to my angst, the other day my husbands announces “Well, I suppose we’ll have to decide what sort of kitchen we want”. ¬†Well I’m not being funny, we have been discussing that for 13 years!! ¬†We have sat through hours of kitchen design consultations choosing everything!! ¬†And we don’t know what we want???!!! ¬†I Give Up.

I am also finding my son’s transition to secondary school rather taxing. ¬†He seems to be taking it in his stride. ¬†However he does have his mum checking his timetable every night to see what he needs for the next day. ¬†He also has his mum picking him up from all the new after school clubs. ¬†I am really chuffed he is enjoying himself so much. ¬†However I have begun to realize what a huge leap it is from primary school. ¬†An example of this was on his 3rd day. ¬†He had Drama and Dance. ¬†I thought we were fully prepared with all the uniform etc, as they have a special top for the Performing Arts. ¬†However when he got to dance he was told he needed blue shorts. ¬†I had missed this – bad Mumma! ¬†The shop where we got all his kit from, had not mentioned this. ¬†Well, the poor lad was put on a break detention for not having his shorts.. at his first lesson! ¬†Rather harsh I thought…I also felt stupidly guilty for missing it on the list! ¬†It did not help my husband winding me up about it big time! ¬†“Mummy needs to go on detention, not you son. ¬†It’s just not good enough is it…” Humpffff….. ¬†My son really didn’t seem bothered though, and that’s the main thing. ¬†Suffice to say, I then couldn’t find anywhere in town that had any plain blue shorts left in stock, so had to order special delivery on the internet for a gazillion pounds! ¬†Hey ho! ¬†At least when my daughter goes through this in a couple of years I will have hopefully learnt my lessons!

Then there’s the waiting in the school car park, done a lot of that. ¬†Firstly it was Football Tuesday night, meant to finish at 4:30pm, didn’t. ¬†Then there was Basketball on Wednesday night, turned up to pick him up at 4:30pm, checked timings and didn’t finish till 6pm… so had to go home for an hour and then come back… ¬†I guess we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

I do appreciate the cashless finger print system they have at the school though. ¬†It is so cool, I can see everything my little darling buys! ¬†It also means no more packed lunches for now.. until he gets bored with the new delights of the canteen. ¬†However it is also of course very handy for the school to ask for little bits of cash for this and that. ¬†This week it’s for clay for art projects… I don’t mind though, I’m just happy there’s so much choice of activity for the kids, and my son comes home absolutely shattered! ¬†He has actually spent a lot less on screen time too, which can only be a bonus!

Target: Back to Normality

Kind of.



Crazy Clumsy Momma!

Countdown is well and truly in progress guys. ¬†Leavers Performance done. ¬†Leavers Church Service done. ¬†Tears have fallen. ¬†You can always rely on a suitably soppy song to pull on the heart strings. ¬†Of course my boy was not affected. ¬†He did tell me he had mixed feelings about leaving though. ¬†Excited about his new school, but sad to leave some of his friends behind. ¬†Although emotional, it is in a good way this week. ¬†Just the leavers BBQ and Disco to go and then that’s it!

My daughter came home with a ‘silver’ certificate for the amount of stars she’s collated. ¬†“But Mummy, I’ve never had a gold certificate, it’s not fair!”, Oh golly, here we go again. ¬†I understand the need for schools to introduce positive methods to encourage learning and good behavior etc. ¬†But for those pupils who are always well behaved and hard working anyway, unfortunately they often fall by the wayside when it comes to receiving stars for their efforts. ¬†I tried to explain to my daughter that I knew she always tried her hardest and that’s all that mattered to me. ¬†She seemed to accept this but was still a bit down about it.

Attending all the school stuff this week has also made me realize how lucky I am to dedicate my time to my family without worrying about a conventional job role as well.  I know I will be a total mess when Jasmine leaves year 6, as that will seem more final when both kids are at secondary.  I am determined to make the utmost of the next 2 years and hang on kicking and screaming!!

I attended my last yoga class yesterday too. ¬†It will be a good 7 weeks before I show my face back at the Gym again! ¬†Apart from taking the kids swimming of course… best intentions and all that. ¬†I have worked flippin’ hard to tone up the last few months so I’m hoping just a few weeks off won’t send me back to square one! ¬†I am intending to keep active with the kids over the holidays, and despite all the junk food we are bound to consume when away on our jolly berries, I’m hopeful the damage will be reversible and I can get back to it in September. ¬†I also have every intention of finishing my book sequel this year too. ¬†It has gone by the wayside a bit with all the other intangible ‘stuff’ getting in the way, as it does.

My better half commented last night “I’m getting worried about how clumsy you’re getting.” ¬†As I stubbed my little toe on the bathroom door. ¬†He is probably also referring to the fact that not only have I managed to burn myself twice on the over door in as many weeks, but I also made a serious boob last weekend. ¬†I was innocently pulling towels out of the airing cupboard, when I felt something move. ¬†UH-OH that sounds substantial! ¬†I shouted hubby who came rushing and it seems I’d managed to bend a pipe which fed the water tank – my bad! ¬†All this exercise has obviously resulted in such muscle mass I don’t know my own strength! ¬†(Although there’s no visible sculpting to speak of on my arms!) Well, as you can imagine hubby was not best pleased, and I felt AWFUL! ¬†It was also bad timing as Father-in-law who usually helps with such fixing jobs is away on holiday! ¬†So, all week I have been on egg shells when using any hot water in case we end up with Mount Vesuvius on our landing! ¬†Luckily it has stayed in tact so far and we are hoping it will be fixed this weekend. ¬†Which means I’ve had to cancel our consultation for a new Kitchen – Bummer! ¬†Hey ho! ¬†Such is life. ¬†So, lesson learnt! ¬†I need to be a tad more gentle when pulling towels out!

As my daughter said to me last night, “When I was born as a baby Momma, I thought, yep that’s one crazy Momma!” – Random or what! ¬†That’s why I love her.

Target: Avoid Clumsy!


Hang on in There!

Holidays are comin’ … Holidays are comin’ … OMG will this term never end!!! ¬†Only 6 more days for my munchkins. ¬†I’ve renewed my National Trust Membership all ready for those lazy days when the kids are getting scatty and we need to get out of the house!! I guess the reason this end of term seems much more significant than any other so far, is all my son’s Year 6 leavers stuff going on…

His induction day at his new school went smoothly. ¬†He was as cool as a cucumber and took it all in his stride (although he did admit to me that he had butterflies for the first hour). ¬†I however was an anxious mess for most of the day, totally unwarranted of course, but it’s all so nerve wracking. ¬†Secondary is where the real growing up stuff begins! ¬†And Oh God – Puberty! ¬†Sleepless nights will seem like a dim and distant memory when we have to start worrying about teenage drama!

Yesterday he walked home on his own from school for the first time too. ¬†It really is a serious milestone as before now he has not gone anywhere without me or my husband. ¬†It really brings home how grown up he really is. ¬†His mates had been badgering him about when he could walk home on his own, so I said as coolly as I could manage. “Ok darling, how about tomorrow? ¬†No probs” while quietly fretting inside. ¬†I did have to give him the pep talk though.. ¬†“Keep your wits about you, no playing on your phone and not paying attention to the road..” ¬†etc. ¬†etc. ¬†When he walked in and I asked him if everything was okay, he smiles and states “Well, yeah, fine… But it’s a long way Mummy!” ¬†Still it hasn’t put him off, he is walking again today (as long as it doesn’t rain). ¬†I guess I’ll get used to it eventually…

Whether I will be letting my daughter walk on her own in Year 6 is another matter however. ¬†I know it’s sad but as a girl I still feel there are more dangers. ¬†If she can walk with friends that’s no problem. ¬†Girls need to stick together, I’m sure I’ll have interesting discussions with her in the future, but for now, she still needs Momma by her side, so I’m gonna make the most of it.

I have been trying not to wind down too much and have managed a few exercise classes this week, but it seems to be getting harder and harder!! ¬†I think it’s because I know I will be having nearly 7 weeks off from it soon. ¬† ¬†I have also been trying to get fashionable for the holidays and ordered some jump suits. ¬†However nobody warned me that the only way to get these items of clothing to fit was to have no curves! ¬†I tried on my usual size, and I was mortified as the back didn’t zip up. ¬†My husband persuaded me to buy the next size up (although I was unhappy as it seems a slippery slope, that my middle age spread is winning the battle!). ¬†However, although this size fitted my curves beautifully, the length of the trouser leg was now dragging along the floor! ¬†Even with my highest heels on. ¬†Why on earth do commercial designers think that just because you have curves, your legs must be longer too! ¬†What madness is this… ¬†So I gave up and sent them all back. ¬†I am still on a mission though, it’s a matter of principle, to find a jump suit that fits a forty something with glamour to boot! ¬†Wish me luck!

Target:  Hang on in There!


Boogie Biscuit Rocks!

Proud Mummy Moment Alert!!!!

So, I know I’ve been moaning about all the school events that take place at the end of this term, but this one I was jolly glad I attended. ¬†It was the School’s Summer Concert and my little girl was in the clarinet group. ¬†When we arrived she was a little nervous about the prospect of getting up on stage in front of a throne of parents in the town church. ¬†She was gripping on to my hand tightly when we walked into the church, but as soon as she saw one of her mates, that was it she was off, chatting happily away…

It is really refreshing to see all the children performing all manner of instruments, all different ages and levels.  All given the opportunity for their time to shine and make their parents well with pride.

It was lovely to see my girl looking so confident up there too, she is usually quite a shy child in unfamiliar situations and to see her stride onto stage with such determination was a big moment. ¬†The tune was ‘boogie biscuit’ and I made sure I got a video (albeit a shaky one, trying to hold the phone one handed while watching her myself) to play back and embarrass the poor girl in years to come. ¬†I wasn’t going to make the mistake I did on Sports day when I was so concerned about getting a video of the kids, I missed half of them actually racing!! ¬† When I asked my daughter if she enjoyed playing she giggled “I needed a wee wee Mummy!”, Bless her… ¬†She hadn’t dared asked to go for a wee and was absolutely desperate by the time we got her home! ¬†Never mind, I think she enjoyed it anyway.

It was good timing for my daughter to have her moment in the limelight as on Sports day she was a little upset she didn’t win a medal. ¬†“I didn’t achieve anything today Mummy” she murmured. “Of course you did darling, you took part!” I then proceeded to try and make her feel better, “there’s no way you could have caught up in the relay darling, you were last to go” etc etc. ¬†It is tough for kids to accept that they are not always going to get what they want in life. ¬†But I am a great believer in not pussy footing around with competitive events, giving all the children medals would not teach them about life. ¬†It would not teach them to be competitive, to keep trying to achieve their goals. ¬†Life sucks at times and although we try and protect our kids for as long as possible, ultimately the better prepared they are to take these knocks and get straight back up again the better.

Anyway, things have balanced out now, so we can move onto the next exciting event.. ¬†My son’s induction day at his new secondary school… ¬†I think I am even more excited than him… Which is saying something!

Target:  Rock the Boogie!




Happy Days!

It seems the Gods are on our side for once … our Appeal for our Son’s place at his local secondary school has been successful – Hurrah!! ¬†I am still in shock, but to say that I am chuffed is an understatement. ¬†It was certainly not an easy victory, but all the stress has been worth it. ¬†Everything is as it should be. ¬†Most importantly my son is so happy!! ¬†When he walked out of school on the day I received the news, he looked on a real downer..

“Hey, I’ve got some news! ¬†Can you guess!” ¬†I can hardly hide my excitement..

“Yeh…” The look of anticipation on his face excruciating…

“You got in!!” ¬†I yelled like a lunatic.

“YES!!! ¬†I’ve gotta go and tell my mates!” and with that he ran off to give them the good news.

His sister however was less than impressed with our good news. ¬†“Why should I care?” She pronounced.. ¬†Charming! ¬†Such sibling love… ¬†“Because you should be happy for your brother!”

“Oh.” ¬†That was it! ¬†You can always rely on my daughter to bring me back down to earth.

Anyway, it’s all done now, the long drawn out uncertainty has ended, and our son gets to go to his local school where he can thrive with all the best opportunities on offer – RESULT!

Now I can start planning!! ¬†Got all the bumf through and my goodness, I expected a long list of uniform, PE kit etc. ¬† I didn’t expect separate uniform for drama! ¬†Hey ho! ¬†Just so happy, they could request we buy a uniform for going to the loo – I wouldn’t care!

I am very pleased how strict the uniform guidelines are too, it reflects the ethos of the school and only further affirms our decision to Appeal. ¬†It’s up to my son now, I know he’ll do us proud. ¬†He’s wanted to be a programmer since the age of 4 and I have no doubt he’ll achieve his dreams…

In the meantime the Summer Term madness is in full swing, ¬†Sports Day, Summer fayre, Church services, Summer Concert, Leaving performances… As any parent of school age children will tell you it’s FULL ON! ¬†Not that I’m complaining as I have the luxury to attend everything this year, whereas I missed everything last year when I was working. I am also making the most of it, as when my son starts secondary, I am told by all-knowing mums that this all changes. ¬†There is hardly any involvement in school activities compared to primary. ¬†Your child grows up in an instant!

Although of course I will still have 2 more years for my daughter. ¬†I know the Year 6 leavers service will be emotional. ¬†It’s the end of a chapter in my son’s life, hopefully one he has fond memories of, as I certainly do. ¬†If I have one regret it was that I was working for too many of these school events throughout his primary school life. ¬†But I’m going some way to making up for it, and he has always been happy regardless.

Only 3 weeks till the Summer Holidays Peeps!! ¬†I have a feeling some emotional tears will be shed on my part before the end of term… ¬†Then on to the next adventure! ¬†We only get one life, I am determined to squeeze every last moment with my family out of it!

Target:  Survive the End of Term madness!

Nearly Done.

Daughter Drama!

WHY OH WHY do girls have to be so complicated!!! ¬†Now I realize how frustrating it must be for the male of the species to fathom out how our minds work.. ¬†As I jolly well can’t work out my daughter’s!

She really does flummox me at times, and today she went in such a strop at school drop off it’s put me in an absolute foul mood for the rest of the day, one I just can’t shake. ¬†This girl has teenage tantrums down to an art form already at aged 9, God help us when hormones start to kick in!

This is how it went down.

We were walking down the street quite happily, my daughter linking arms with me and squeezing tightly, while riding her scooter. ¬†“I’m going to hold on forever Mummy, and never let go!” ¬†“Ah, that’s sweet darling, but not even to go to the toilet?” ¬†“Nope, we’ll go together”. ¬†We crossed the road and when going up the curb on the other side, the scooter hit my foot (I had flip flops on.. Well sun… Der…) ¬†“Ow!” I exclaim, “Ha!” my daughter responds, “Why are you laughing?” I question while my foot throbs, “Erm, I don’t know.”

At this point I could see a strop on it’s way, her mood changed immediately from happy families to moody misery in an instant…

“”Sorry Mummy” would have been a better response don’t you think?” ¬†She did not reply, she held back while I walked along with my son and there was silence. ¬†Okay, I thought, I’ll let it go now, and just let her come round. ¬† Well the problem is, my daughter doesn’t really come round. ¬†She has my stubborn genes, and this is unfortunately where we clash. ¬†My son linked arms with me then, but promptly pulled his arm out when he saw his mate, and with a quick “See ya later mum” he tootled off.

This left me walking on my own with my daughter trailing behind, in complete silence. ¬†When we got to school she went to park her scooter and I awaited her return. ¬†When she did return I got the look of pure evil from her. ¬†When I tried to make conversation she just stared at me with these vacant eyes, a look of pure disgust, if looks could kill I would definitely be several feet under. ¬†Anyway, I, in my own stubborn way told her to “snap out of it”, she then sat the opposite end of a make-shift bench, at this point some of her friends arrived. ¬†She did manage to cheer up a little bit before she went into school, you could tell she was trying not to look cheerful and keep her face suitably sedate just for my sake. ¬†But when they went in, she came over to me for her bag and we hugged. ¬†I have no doubt our little fall out will be forgotten by the time I go pick her up, I know from working in a school that children soon forget any woes they might have brought in with them and are happy as Larry once they get into class. ¬†Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of that sort of distraction.

Should I have dealt with her differently? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I do my best when in the moment as most Mum’s do. ¬†I know she was upset that she had hurt me and didn’t really know how to deal with it, her nervous laughter her way of reacting to something out of her control. ¬†However she must also learn to say sorry when the need arises, and also to have respect for her Mummy instead of giving her daggers!

Anyway, the plan tonight after school is to make cup cakes for the School Summer Fayre tomorrow so hopefully all will be forgotten.

Motherhood sure is the hardest job in the world!

Target:  Do my best!


11th Milestone!

It’s happened!! ¬†In the words of good ol’ Hagrid

“It’s not every day your young man turns 11” … or something like that, it was the first Harry Potter film and my memory is dodgy!

My son’s date of birth is 06/06/06 … ¬†I know, you can draw your own conclusions. ¬†Now, although I am slightly biased, my boy is really the most kind hearted, laid back, loving son a mum could ask for. ¬†He really is at a big milestone now. ¬†It is the year he leaves primary school behind and starts his adventures at secondary school, to grow into a young man. ¬†It is a proud, albeit overwhelming time (well for his mumma anyway, he just takes everything in his stride).

We bought him a phone for his birthday, this is a HUGE deal… ¬†It means he can go places without me! ¬†Shock Horror! ¬†I am happy for him to do this now as I trust he will be okay, but it doesn’t mean it’s any easier to process.

The slight downer of the week however is that we are attending an Appeal hearing to try and get him into his local school. ¬†This I am not looking forward to. ¬†All we can do is say our piece and hope we are successful, but to say I’ve got butterflies is an understatement!

My plan is to let my husband do most of the talking… although I imagine it will be extremely hard to curb my emotions on the day. ¬†I have faith that whatever the outcome my son will just flow with it! ¬†I wish I had his cool vibes….

His Laser Tag party was fully enjoyed by all, and it was nice to see all the lads together, as they will be departing off to different schools and new friends in September.

I know it’s foolish to reference back to the ‘good ole days’ but why can’t things be simpler! There is so much bureaucracy involved in getting a school place these days, it just used to be, either they pass their 11+ and go to grammar or they go to their local school… No such simplicity now! ¬†Anyway enough ranting…..

My boy’s happiness is what counts and he was well happy with his new phone this morning!!! ¬†I had the biggest hug and that’s what makes everything worth while.

Target:  Birthday



Son’s Return!

My Clean living smugness mantra has kind of took a nose dive this week. ¬†I did try the new exercise class ‘body conditioning’ last week and I actually quite enjoyed it. ¬†For those of you out there encroaching on middle age, such as myself, it reminded me of the ‘green goddess’ antics of the 80’s. ¬†Lots of running around like an idiot waving your arms in the air, press-ups (which killed me) and jumping jacks. ¬†My plan was to return this week, but unfortunately that has not materialized.


The week began with me missing my class on Monday.  I was awake from 2.30 am as I had to get my son to school for 4.30 am for his France trip.  I then returned home and took my daughter on the normal school run so by the time I got home, I was basically fit for nothing!

Tuesday I did manage to swim, and Wednesday I did my normal legs, bums and tums class. ¬†I then had the crazy idea to try the yoga class straight after! ¬†I’m glad I did though, I found it pretty difficult, (especially the balancing – my tree definitely needs some work!) but I managed to stretch in ways I’ve never stretched before and felt very sanctimonious about going. ¬†Thursday was my well deserved day off and by this time I was missing my boy desperately. ¬†I thought I’d be able to handle it, but 5 days is a long time to keep opening and closing blinds in an empty bedroom without seeing his cheeky grin! ¬†My daughter however does not agree, she said she’d be quite happy if he stayed in France forever! ¬†I explained to her that at 10 years old he could not do that anyway, to which she looked mighty disappointed.

It honestly feels like a piece of my heart is missing and I want it back! ¬†He is back sometime this evening, goodness knows when though. ¬†With the bank holiday traffic we’ll probably be fetching him at midnight!

Anyway I had planned to go to my class this morning and follow it up with some ‘body balance’ as balancing is certainly not my strong point. ¬†Unfortunately I awoke at midnight and despite putting a wet flannel on my back and face I was just too hot to sleep. ¬†This hot weather is all well and good, but at least abroad there’s air conditioning! ¬†So anyway I decided at 3 am to venture bleary eyed downstairs to watch a bit of TV to help me get back to sleep. ¬†After 2 hours of lovely shopping channels I did manage to drift off and went back to bed about 5.15 am. ¬†However when I awoke at 6.55 am to say I was not feeling rested is an understatement! ¬†Suffice to say I decided to give classes a miss as it is likely I would either faint during delightful jumping jacks, or collapse while trying to balance!

Of course next week is half term holidays, so no classes for me! ¬†I have great intentions of doing lots of lovely active adventures with my munchkins so I will hopefully get some kind of exercise. ¬†As I checked on the scales and I’ve actually put on weight this week, I am not a happy bunny! ¬†Hey ho! ¬†Might be down to the fact I did put wine back on the groceries this week..

Never mind, after the hols I’ll be back to fighting fit, focused and determined to bring out the green goddess in me!

This has been the longest week of my life, without my boy at home. ¬†I know it’s worth it as he will have had a great independent adventure, but still, I’ll sleep better knowing he’s back where he belongs…

Have a great half term holiday peeps!

Target:  Get my boy back!

Tonight – Woohoo!!!!!

Suns Out!!!

Quick everyone!!! ¬†BBQ’s out!! Shirts off!! It’s summer!!!!!

Well, sort of. ¬†Us Brits go absolutely bonkers when the sun comes out as we know it can often be so fleeting…. ¬†Our BBQ came out for the 1st time on Sunday. ¬†Now, contrary to popular opinion my husband doesn’t seem to have any yearning primal instinct to cook things over fire like most men? ¬†He is quite happy for me to slave away and have an ‘Oven-Q’ which is what his mum used to do, and it was all perfectly fine thank you very much! ¬†I however, prefer to just be slaving away in the kitchen making salads, aperitifs, drinks etc. ¬†Leaving my dearest hubby to cook away the meat on the BBQ – Like he’s supposed to!

And I was able to do a jig for joy on Sunday because we actually achieved it! ¬†We managed to have a proper BBQ just like other ‘normal’ families do. ¬† My hubby’s sister gave us a brand new BBQ still in it’s box a few years ago. ¬†However on closer inspection there seemed to be a part missing. ¬†My hubby decided he would ‘forge’ the part required… well hence why I danced a jig as I have been waiting chuffing years for this BBQ to work. ¬†It now does and we all had a jolly time eating at the table outside just like the Asda advert. ¬†However my daughter was less than impressed. ¬†“These burgers aren’t like America Burgers Mummy… And this chicken tastes funny!” (that would be the lovely sweet chilli sauce they were marinated in) ¬†My son didn’t complain at all, although he did only eat half of what was on his plate as he was full! ¬†(Well in fairness my husband did tell me I’d made enough for the whole street in my excitement)

Anyway we’ve had one now, and might even have another one soon, hopefully for my son’s birthday, although knowing my luck we’ll be chanting in Rhianna spirit “Under my Umbrella” rather than “The Sun has got his hat on!”

Yesterday was a lovely Spa day for my buddy and I.  I know РAnother one!! РI hear you cry!!  But the only reason is that my husband had bid on the prize at a charity auction, and the said Hotel and Country Club are only up the road so we popped off there in heady excitement for our pamper fest!

However, I have come to the conclusion that we had set our expectations too high. ¬†A Health Club Spa experience it was not. ¬†When we arrived we were plonked down on a table with a form to fill in, this took us less than five minutes. ¬†However we were sat there for over 20 minutes wasting our lovely day away until the lady came back to show us around. ¬†This only took 2 mins as all she did was show us the relaxation room and the door to the changing room. ¬†After this things improved, we both had a lovely massage, and decided to go and relax around the pool area… However, part of the pool was cordoned off the the whole day for PUDDLEDUCKS! ¬†Lovely. ¬†Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a lovely idea for mummies to get together with their babies in the water, but unfortunately all the screaming and crying from the changing rooms kind of put a damper on the ambiance of the spa! ¬†Anyway, then we had lunch which was okay. ¬†A light lunch had been included in the package which was fine, but unfortunately the drinks were not included. ¬†My buddy offered to pay for the drinks as I had invited her along. ¬†We had 2 wines and 2 coffees. ¬†THAT IS ALL! ¬†However we had not realized the SUPER-DUPER-INFLATED-PRICES of said drinks. ¬†My poor buddy nearly dropped her robe when they told her the price!

Anyway, once I’d picked her up off the floor we headed along to our lovely Pilates class which I had been looking forward to ALL DAY! ¬†When we got there, we were informed by another guest that the instructor was not in today… Well, you can imagine. ¬†Unfortunately when we had booked this class earlier in the day, the lad on the desk had not flipping told us that – because the service is rubbish!!!

So on that note, we spent the rest of our day around the pool, where thankfully the delightful puddleducks had gone home. ¬†At least I got some lengths in so I don’t feel guilty!

Suffice to say, we did have a lovely girlie day, but I doubt we will be visiting said establishment again in a hurry!

Maybe a life of leisure just wasn’t meant to be…

Target:  Enjoy it while it lasts!