Back to “Normal?”

I really don’t know where to begin.    The holidays are now a distant warm glow of memories.  Both children are adapting to their new Year Groups at School.  I am struggling to get back into the ole routine, as is my body.  After endeavoring to get back to my gym classes this week, every part of my body seems to be screaming out for mercy! As for my writing, well this is my first blog in 2 months, and I am yet to sink myself into working on my next book.  Every day so far I have had the best of intentions.  One of the issues is that now I am back to spending more time at home, everything that needs updating or improving is niggling at me.  The biggie is the kitchen!  We have had a couple of design consultations for a new kitchen, but not kicked anything off yet.  I had another salesman at my door yesterday offering their ‘free’ design service, so no doubt we will take him up on it so that my husband can carry on procrastinating for the next few months before we actually get round to doing anything!  My problem is I have no patience, I want my new kitchen NOW!  To be fair when we moved into this house 13 years ago the plan was to get the kitchen updated… It is still the same one, so I have been RATHER patient already don’t you think!

To add to my angst, the other day my husbands announces “Well, I suppose we’ll have to decide what sort of kitchen we want”.  Well I’m not being funny, we have been discussing that for 13 years!!  We have sat through hours of kitchen design consultations choosing everything!!  And we don’t know what we want???!!!  I Give Up.

I am also finding my son’s transition to secondary school rather taxing.  He seems to be taking it in his stride.  However he does have his mum checking his timetable every night to see what he needs for the next day.  He also has his mum picking him up from all the new after school clubs.  I am really chuffed he is enjoying himself so much.  However I have begun to realize what a huge leap it is from primary school.  An example of this was on his 3rd day.  He had Drama and Dance.  I thought we were fully prepared with all the uniform etc, as they have a special top for the Performing Arts.  However when he got to dance he was told he needed blue shorts.  I had missed this – bad Mumma!  The shop where we got all his kit from, had not mentioned this.  Well, the poor lad was put on a break detention for not having his shorts.. at his first lesson!  Rather harsh I thought…I also felt stupidly guilty for missing it on the list!  It did not help my husband winding me up about it big time!  “Mummy needs to go on detention, not you son.  It’s just not good enough is it…” Humpffff…..  My son really didn’t seem bothered though, and that’s the main thing.  Suffice to say, I then couldn’t find anywhere in town that had any plain blue shorts left in stock, so had to order special delivery on the internet for a gazillion pounds!  Hey ho!  At least when my daughter goes through this in a couple of years I will have hopefully learnt my lessons!

Then there’s the waiting in the school car park, done a lot of that.  Firstly it was Football Tuesday night, meant to finish at 4:30pm, didn’t.  Then there was Basketball on Wednesday night, turned up to pick him up at 4:30pm, checked timings and didn’t finish till 6pm… so had to go home for an hour and then come back…  I guess we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

I do appreciate the cashless finger print system they have at the school though.  It is so cool, I can see everything my little darling buys!  It also means no more packed lunches for now.. until he gets bored with the new delights of the canteen.  However it is also of course very handy for the school to ask for little bits of cash for this and that.  This week it’s for clay for art projects… I don’t mind though, I’m just happy there’s so much choice of activity for the kids, and my son comes home absolutely shattered!  He has actually spent a lot less on screen time too, which can only be a bonus!

Target: Back to Normality

Kind of.



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