Crazy Clumsy Momma!

Countdown is well and truly in progress guys.  Leavers Performance done.  Leavers Church Service done.  Tears have fallen.  You can always rely on a suitably soppy song to pull on the heart strings.  Of course my boy was not affected.  He did tell me he had mixed feelings about leaving though.  Excited about his new school, but sad to leave some of his friends behind.  Although emotional, it is in a good way this week.  Just the leavers BBQ and Disco to go and then that’s it!

My daughter came home with a ‘silver’ certificate for the amount of stars she’s collated.  “But Mummy, I’ve never had a gold certificate, it’s not fair!”, Oh golly, here we go again.  I understand the need for schools to introduce positive methods to encourage learning and good behavior etc.  But for those pupils who are always well behaved and hard working anyway, unfortunately they often fall by the wayside when it comes to receiving stars for their efforts.  I tried to explain to my daughter that I knew she always tried her hardest and that’s all that mattered to me.  She seemed to accept this but was still a bit down about it.

Attending all the school stuff this week has also made me realize how lucky I am to dedicate my time to my family without worrying about a conventional job role as well.  I know I will be a total mess when Jasmine leaves year 6, as that will seem more final when both kids are at secondary.  I am determined to make the utmost of the next 2 years and hang on kicking and screaming!!

I attended my last yoga class yesterday too.  It will be a good 7 weeks before I show my face back at the Gym again!  Apart from taking the kids swimming of course… best intentions and all that.  I have worked flippin’ hard to tone up the last few months so I’m hoping just a few weeks off won’t send me back to square one!  I am intending to keep active with the kids over the holidays, and despite all the junk food we are bound to consume when away on our jolly berries, I’m hopeful the damage will be reversible and I can get back to it in September.  I also have every intention of finishing my book sequel this year too.  It has gone by the wayside a bit with all the other intangible ‘stuff’ getting in the way, as it does.

My better half commented last night “I’m getting worried about how clumsy you’re getting.”  As I stubbed my little toe on the bathroom door.  He is probably also referring to the fact that not only have I managed to burn myself twice on the over door in as many weeks, but I also made a serious boob last weekend.  I was innocently pulling towels out of the airing cupboard, when I felt something move.  UH-OH that sounds substantial!  I shouted hubby who came rushing and it seems I’d managed to bend a pipe which fed the water tank – my bad!  All this exercise has obviously resulted in such muscle mass I don’t know my own strength!  (Although there’s no visible sculpting to speak of on my arms!) Well, as you can imagine hubby was not best pleased, and I felt AWFUL!  It was also bad timing as Father-in-law who usually helps with such fixing jobs is away on holiday!  So, all week I have been on egg shells when using any hot water in case we end up with Mount Vesuvius on our landing!  Luckily it has stayed in tact so far and we are hoping it will be fixed this weekend.  Which means I’ve had to cancel our consultation for a new Kitchen – Bummer!  Hey ho!  Such is life.  So, lesson learnt!  I need to be a tad more gentle when pulling towels out!

As my daughter said to me last night, “When I was born as a baby Momma, I thought, yep that’s one crazy Momma!” – Random or what!  That’s why I love her.

Target: Avoid Clumsy!


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