Boogie Biscuit Rocks!

Proud Mummy Moment Alert!!!!

So, I know I’ve been moaning about all the school events that take place at the end of this term, but this one I was jolly glad I attended.  It was the School’s Summer Concert and my little girl was in the clarinet group.  When we arrived she was a little nervous about the prospect of getting up on stage in front of a throne of parents in the town church.  She was gripping on to my hand tightly when we walked into the church, but as soon as she saw one of her mates, that was it she was off, chatting happily away…

It is really refreshing to see all the children performing all manner of instruments, all different ages and levels.  All given the opportunity for their time to shine and make their parents well with pride.

It was lovely to see my girl looking so confident up there too, she is usually quite a shy child in unfamiliar situations and to see her stride onto stage with such determination was a big moment.  The tune was ‘boogie biscuit’ and I made sure I got a video (albeit a shaky one, trying to hold the phone one handed while watching her myself) to play back and embarrass the poor girl in years to come.  I wasn’t going to make the mistake I did on Sports day when I was so concerned about getting a video of the kids, I missed half of them actually racing!!   When I asked my daughter if she enjoyed playing she giggled “I needed a wee wee Mummy!”, Bless her…  She hadn’t dared asked to go for a wee and was absolutely desperate by the time we got her home!  Never mind, I think she enjoyed it anyway.

It was good timing for my daughter to have her moment in the limelight as on Sports day she was a little upset she didn’t win a medal.  “I didn’t achieve anything today Mummy” she murmured. “Of course you did darling, you took part!” I then proceeded to try and make her feel better, “there’s no way you could have caught up in the relay darling, you were last to go” etc etc.  It is tough for kids to accept that they are not always going to get what they want in life.  But I am a great believer in not pussy footing around with competitive events, giving all the children medals would not teach them about life.  It would not teach them to be competitive, to keep trying to achieve their goals.  Life sucks at times and although we try and protect our kids for as long as possible, ultimately the better prepared they are to take these knocks and get straight back up again the better.

Anyway, things have balanced out now, so we can move onto the next exciting event..  My son’s induction day at his new secondary school…  I think I am even more excited than him… Which is saying something!

Target:  Rock the Boogie!




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