Happy Days!

It seems the Gods are on our side for once … our Appeal for our Son’s place at his local secondary school has been successful – Hurrah!!  I am still in shock, but to say that I am chuffed is an understatement.  It was certainly not an easy victory, but all the stress has been worth it.  Everything is as it should be.  Most importantly my son is so happy!!  When he walked out of school on the day I received the news, he looked on a real downer..

“Hey, I’ve got some news!  Can you guess!”  I can hardly hide my excitement..

“Yeh…” The look of anticipation on his face excruciating…

“You got in!!”  I yelled like a lunatic.

“YES!!!  I’ve gotta go and tell my mates!” and with that he ran off to give them the good news.

His sister however was less than impressed with our good news.  “Why should I care?” She pronounced..  Charming!  Such sibling love…  “Because you should be happy for your brother!”

“Oh.”  That was it!  You can always rely on my daughter to bring me back down to earth.

Anyway, it’s all done now, the long drawn out uncertainty has ended, and our son gets to go to his local school where he can thrive with all the best opportunities on offer – RESULT!

Now I can start planning!!  Got all the bumf through and my goodness, I expected a long list of uniform, PE kit etc.   I didn’t expect separate uniform for drama!  Hey ho!  Just so happy, they could request we buy a uniform for going to the loo – I wouldn’t care!

I am very pleased how strict the uniform guidelines are too, it reflects the ethos of the school and only further affirms our decision to Appeal.  It’s up to my son now, I know he’ll do us proud.  He’s wanted to be a programmer since the age of 4 and I have no doubt he’ll achieve his dreams…

In the meantime the Summer Term madness is in full swing,  Sports Day, Summer fayre, Church services, Summer Concert, Leaving performances… As any parent of school age children will tell you it’s FULL ON!  Not that I’m complaining as I have the luxury to attend everything this year, whereas I missed everything last year when I was working. I am also making the most of it, as when my son starts secondary, I am told by all-knowing mums that this all changes.  There is hardly any involvement in school activities compared to primary.  Your child grows up in an instant!

Although of course I will still have 2 more years for my daughter.  I know the Year 6 leavers service will be emotional.  It’s the end of a chapter in my son’s life, hopefully one he has fond memories of, as I certainly do.  If I have one regret it was that I was working for too many of these school events throughout his primary school life.  But I’m going some way to making up for it, and he has always been happy regardless.

Only 3 weeks till the Summer Holidays Peeps!!  I have a feeling some emotional tears will be shed on my part before the end of term…  Then on to the next adventure!  We only get one life, I am determined to squeeze every last moment with my family out of it!

Target:  Survive the End of Term madness!

Nearly Done.

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