Daughter Drama!

WHY OH WHY do girls have to be so complicated!!!  Now I realize how frustrating it must be for the male of the species to fathom out how our minds work..  As I jolly well can’t work out my daughter’s!

She really does flummox me at times, and today she went in such a strop at school drop off it’s put me in an absolute foul mood for the rest of the day, one I just can’t shake.  This girl has teenage tantrums down to an art form already at aged 9, God help us when hormones start to kick in!

This is how it went down.

We were walking down the street quite happily, my daughter linking arms with me and squeezing tightly, while riding her scooter.  “I’m going to hold on forever Mummy, and never let go!”  “Ah, that’s sweet darling, but not even to go to the toilet?”  “Nope, we’ll go together”.  We crossed the road and when going up the curb on the other side, the scooter hit my foot (I had flip flops on.. Well sun… Der…)  “Ow!” I exclaim, “Ha!” my daughter responds, “Why are you laughing?” I question while my foot throbs, “Erm, I don’t know.”

At this point I could see a strop on it’s way, her mood changed immediately from happy families to moody misery in an instant…

“”Sorry Mummy” would have been a better response don’t you think?”  She did not reply, she held back while I walked along with my son and there was silence.  Okay, I thought, I’ll let it go now, and just let her come round.   Well the problem is, my daughter doesn’t really come round.  She has my stubborn genes, and this is unfortunately where we clash.  My son linked arms with me then, but promptly pulled his arm out when he saw his mate, and with a quick “See ya later mum” he tootled off.

This left me walking on my own with my daughter trailing behind, in complete silence.  When we got to school she went to park her scooter and I awaited her return.  When she did return I got the look of pure evil from her.  When I tried to make conversation she just stared at me with these vacant eyes, a look of pure disgust, if looks could kill I would definitely be several feet under.  Anyway, I, in my own stubborn way told her to “snap out of it”, she then sat the opposite end of a make-shift bench, at this point some of her friends arrived.  She did manage to cheer up a little bit before she went into school, you could tell she was trying not to look cheerful and keep her face suitably sedate just for my sake.  But when they went in, she came over to me for her bag and we hugged.  I have no doubt our little fall out will be forgotten by the time I go pick her up, I know from working in a school that children soon forget any woes they might have brought in with them and are happy as Larry once they get into class.  Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of that sort of distraction.

Should I have dealt with her differently?  I don’t know.  I do my best when in the moment as most Mum’s do.  I know she was upset that she had hurt me and didn’t really know how to deal with it, her nervous laughter her way of reacting to something out of her control.  However she must also learn to say sorry when the need arises, and also to have respect for her Mummy instead of giving her daggers!

Anyway, the plan tonight after school is to make cup cakes for the School Summer Fayre tomorrow so hopefully all will be forgotten.

Motherhood sure is the hardest job in the world!

Target:  Do my best!


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