11th Milestone!

It’s happened!!  In the words of good ol’ Hagrid

“It’s not every day your young man turns 11” … or something like that, it was the first Harry Potter film and my memory is dodgy!

My son’s date of birth is 06/06/06 …  I know, you can draw your own conclusions.  Now, although I am slightly biased, my boy is really the most kind hearted, laid back, loving son a mum could ask for.  He really is at a big milestone now.  It is the year he leaves primary school behind and starts his adventures at secondary school, to grow into a young man.  It is a proud, albeit overwhelming time (well for his mumma anyway, he just takes everything in his stride).

We bought him a phone for his birthday, this is a HUGE deal…  It means he can go places without me!  Shock Horror!  I am happy for him to do this now as I trust he will be okay, but it doesn’t mean it’s any easier to process.

The slight downer of the week however is that we are attending an Appeal hearing to try and get him into his local school.  This I am not looking forward to.  All we can do is say our piece and hope we are successful, but to say I’ve got butterflies is an understatement!

My plan is to let my husband do most of the talking… although I imagine it will be extremely hard to curb my emotions on the day.  I have faith that whatever the outcome my son will just flow with it!  I wish I had his cool vibes….

His Laser Tag party was fully enjoyed by all, and it was nice to see all the lads together, as they will be departing off to different schools and new friends in September.

I know it’s foolish to reference back to the ‘good ole days’ but why can’t things be simpler! There is so much bureaucracy involved in getting a school place these days, it just used to be, either they pass their 11+ and go to grammar or they go to their local school… No such simplicity now!  Anyway enough ranting…..

My boy’s happiness is what counts and he was well happy with his new phone this morning!!!  I had the biggest hug and that’s what makes everything worth while.

Target:  Birthday



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