Son’s Return!

My Clean living smugness mantra has kind of took a nose dive this week.  I did try the new exercise class ‘body conditioning’ last week and I actually quite enjoyed it.  For those of you out there encroaching on middle age, such as myself, it reminded me of the ‘green goddess’ antics of the 80’s.  Lots of running around like an idiot waving your arms in the air, press-ups (which killed me) and jumping jacks.  My plan was to return this week, but unfortunately that has not materialized.


The week began with me missing my class on Monday.  I was awake from 2.30 am as I had to get my son to school for 4.30 am for his France trip.  I then returned home and took my daughter on the normal school run so by the time I got home, I was basically fit for nothing!

Tuesday I did manage to swim, and Wednesday I did my normal legs, bums and tums class.  I then had the crazy idea to try the yoga class straight after!  I’m glad I did though, I found it pretty difficult, (especially the balancing – my tree definitely needs some work!) but I managed to stretch in ways I’ve never stretched before and felt very sanctimonious about going.  Thursday was my well deserved day off and by this time I was missing my boy desperately.  I thought I’d be able to handle it, but 5 days is a long time to keep opening and closing blinds in an empty bedroom without seeing his cheeky grin!  My daughter however does not agree, she said she’d be quite happy if he stayed in France forever!  I explained to her that at 10 years old he could not do that anyway, to which she looked mighty disappointed.

It honestly feels like a piece of my heart is missing and I want it back!  He is back sometime this evening, goodness knows when though.  With the bank holiday traffic we’ll probably be fetching him at midnight!

Anyway I had planned to go to my class this morning and follow it up with some ‘body balance’ as balancing is certainly not my strong point.  Unfortunately I awoke at midnight and despite putting a wet flannel on my back and face I was just too hot to sleep.  This hot weather is all well and good, but at least abroad there’s air conditioning!  So anyway I decided at 3 am to venture bleary eyed downstairs to watch a bit of TV to help me get back to sleep.  After 2 hours of lovely shopping channels I did manage to drift off and went back to bed about 5.15 am.  However when I awoke at 6.55 am to say I was not feeling rested is an understatement!  Suffice to say I decided to give classes a miss as it is likely I would either faint during delightful jumping jacks, or collapse while trying to balance!

Of course next week is half term holidays, so no classes for me!  I have great intentions of doing lots of lovely active adventures with my munchkins so I will hopefully get some kind of exercise.  As I checked on the scales and I’ve actually put on weight this week, I am not a happy bunny!  Hey ho!  Might be down to the fact I did put wine back on the groceries this week..

Never mind, after the hols I’ll be back to fighting fit, focused and determined to bring out the green goddess in me!

This has been the longest week of my life, without my boy at home.  I know it’s worth it as he will have had a great independent adventure, but still, I’ll sleep better knowing he’s back where he belongs…

Have a great half term holiday peeps!

Target:  Get my boy back!

Tonight – Woohoo!!!!!

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