Suns Out!!!

Quick everyone!!!  BBQ’s out!! Shirts off!! It’s summer!!!!!

Well, sort of.  Us Brits go absolutely bonkers when the sun comes out as we know it can often be so fleeting….  Our BBQ came out for the 1st time on Sunday.  Now, contrary to popular opinion my husband doesn’t seem to have any yearning primal instinct to cook things over fire like most men?  He is quite happy for me to slave away and have an ‘Oven-Q’ which is what his mum used to do, and it was all perfectly fine thank you very much!  I however, prefer to just be slaving away in the kitchen making salads, aperitifs, drinks etc.  Leaving my dearest hubby to cook away the meat on the BBQ – Like he’s supposed to!

And I was able to do a jig for joy on Sunday because we actually achieved it!  We managed to have a proper BBQ just like other ‘normal’ families do.   My hubby’s sister gave us a brand new BBQ still in it’s box a few years ago.  However on closer inspection there seemed to be a part missing.  My hubby decided he would ‘forge’ the part required… well hence why I danced a jig as I have been waiting chuffing years for this BBQ to work.  It now does and we all had a jolly time eating at the table outside just like the Asda advert.  However my daughter was less than impressed.  “These burgers aren’t like America Burgers Mummy… And this chicken tastes funny!” (that would be the lovely sweet chilli sauce they were marinated in)  My son didn’t complain at all, although he did only eat half of what was on his plate as he was full!  (Well in fairness my husband did tell me I’d made enough for the whole street in my excitement)

Anyway we’ve had one now, and might even have another one soon, hopefully for my son’s birthday, although knowing my luck we’ll be chanting in Rhianna spirit “Under my Umbrella” rather than “The Sun has got his hat on!”

Yesterday was a lovely Spa day for my buddy and I.  I know – Another one!! – I hear you cry!!  But the only reason is that my husband had bid on the prize at a charity auction, and the said Hotel and Country Club are only up the road so we popped off there in heady excitement for our pamper fest!

However, I have come to the conclusion that we had set our expectations too high.  A Health Club Spa experience it was not.  When we arrived we were plonked down on a table with a form to fill in, this took us less than five minutes.  However we were sat there for over 20 minutes wasting our lovely day away until the lady came back to show us around.  This only took 2 mins as all she did was show us the relaxation room and the door to the changing room.  After this things improved, we both had a lovely massage, and decided to go and relax around the pool area… However, part of the pool was cordoned off the the whole day for PUDDLEDUCKS!  Lovely.  Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a lovely idea for mummies to get together with their babies in the water, but unfortunately all the screaming and crying from the changing rooms kind of put a damper on the ambiance of the spa!  Anyway, then we had lunch which was okay.  A light lunch had been included in the package which was fine, but unfortunately the drinks were not included.  My buddy offered to pay for the drinks as I had invited her along.  We had 2 wines and 2 coffees.  THAT IS ALL!  However we had not realized the SUPER-DUPER-INFLATED-PRICES of said drinks.  My poor buddy nearly dropped her robe when they told her the price!

Anyway, once I’d picked her up off the floor we headed along to our lovely Pilates class which I had been looking forward to ALL DAY!  When we got there, we were informed by another guest that the instructor was not in today… Well, you can imagine.  Unfortunately when we had booked this class earlier in the day, the lad on the desk had not flipping told us that – because the service is rubbish!!!

So on that note, we spent the rest of our day around the pool, where thankfully the delightful puddleducks had gone home.  At least I got some lengths in so I don’t feel guilty!

Suffice to say, we did have a lovely girlie day, but I doubt we will be visiting said establishment again in a hurry!

Maybe a life of leisure just wasn’t meant to be…

Target:  Enjoy it while it lasts!


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