Feeling Smug!

So far so Good!  I have managed to have a clean-ish living life so far this week, keeping up with the old keep fit classes, eating well and even staying off the vino!

I have also signed up for a new exercise class tomorrow called ‘Body Attack!’   I know…. Part of me is dreading it, but the rest of me is hoping I will absolutely love the excruciating pain (and lots of sweating too no doubt) and make it a regular feature.  So watch this space!

My daughter has been questioning my ‘obsession’ with exercise this week.

“Why are you wearing that stuff again mummy?” referring to my trainers, work out gear etc. which I feel like I pretty much live in now..

“Because I’m off to my exercise class darling.”  She looks thoughtful for a while and then replies. “But you’re not over weight Mummy, so why do it?”  I love my daughter!

“I know… but it is to keep my heart fit and healthy sweetheart”

“Yeah, but Daddy doesn’t do exercise, so why must you?”

“Daddy would if he had the time babes.”

“He should walk or bike to work then.”  This is all well and good, but as my husband works a 50 minute drive away, it would take him most of the day to walk to work.

“Maybe Daddy could go for a walk at lunchtime instead?”  Daddy had entered the room at this point and looked at me eyebrows raised.  Poor thing.

All this healthy discussion is good though.  I am pleased that I can be a good role model for my daughter with regards to keeping healthy, but at the same time I don’t want her to be hung up on food, exercise, body image etc. etc. as so many young girls are these days.

“I’m only 9 mummy, so I don’t need to do it do I?”

“Absolutely not, you get enough exercise and activity naturally, running around all the time!”  is my considered reply…

All you can do is guide your kids on the right path.  I cannot remember ever even considering dieting or exercise or anything until my late teens.  At that age I was fortunate enough to be able to eat pretty much anything and dance it off at the weekend!  Ah those were the days…

In spite of being busy with all this healthy smug living I managed to sort out our airport parking for our hols this week, even though it’s still miles away…

I compared many, many hotels with parking included and in the end simply went for a nice big, franchisee, modern hotel very close to the airport with a stress free bus to catch to the airport which ran at regular intervals.  My husband booked a charming hotel last time we flew, and to be frank, although it was a nice, old, character filled place.  The family room we were in was in the rafters and I did not sleep one bit as it was stifling!  The rest of my family seemed to rest just fine… But not me.  I struggle to sleep in hotel rooms as it is, always have.  Even when it was a regular part of my job I never rested the same when away from my lovely bed at home.  Anyway, this time I wanted a room which was temperature controlled in a nice modern building.  When I emailed the confirmation through to my hubby to print (as he still hasn’t got round to fixing our printer…) he sent a very loud email back –

HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!

Honestly, he does make a fuss.  He should know by now, I am far more interested in spending the night before our big trip in a lovely room and consuming a scrummy breakfast, than saving a few extra quid!  Life is just too flipping short!!   I am spending all this dosh on a Disney holiday as an investment in memories, which are priceless in my opinion.  Daddy will thank me once we get to the lovely (if only a teensy bit over-priced) hotel, you know it makes sense!

Right, best get off, I’m joining my daughter at the school for a LIVES CPR training session today – get me!!  Ready to Save Lives too!

Target: Smug Clean Living Guru in the making!

Getting there!

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