Coping with Stuff!

When I decided to start this blog it was very exciting.  It was something completely different to anything I’d embarked on in the past and a totally new world.  The networking aspect of the endeavor seemed like a complete minefield (and still does a bit to be honest).  Trying to get my head around how it all worked and the best way to make new alliances whilst maintaining and attempting to improve the blog’s exposure, it takes a lot of graft to keep going.   I actually had to stop myself getting too obsessed with the number of followers my new blog was getting on Social Media.  It was almost like an addiction to keep checking if the number had gone up or down.

I just had to take a step back into real life and leave the virtual reality alone for a bit.  I can totally relate to the young people of today getting totally obsessed with their so called ‘popularity’ judged by followers.  It is rather scary.

I’ve got to be honest I had no idea how time-consuming the whole process would be.  I have had to remind myself of the reason I started this blog in the first place.  It was a way of sharing my experiences and maybe making a few new kindred souls on the way.  I still enjoy this process but have learned not to spend too much time on social media and concentrate more on real life instead.

The pressure which seemed to build and build when I hadn’t written anything for a few days is not completely under control, but this is meant to be fun!  I’ve just got to put things in perspective.  The main reason for doing this is to give myself the purpose I need to maintain my sanity, not to create stress where it is not required.  I get my fair share of that just as a Mum and Wife Thank-you-Very-Much!

We also have the looming cloud of an appeal for our son to get into his local secondary school.  It seems impossible to start planning his new adventure without knowing which school he will end up at!  I received all the bumff from the school at which he has been accepted, with a gazillion forms to fill out in the next few days.  It also gave details of my son’s induction day.  Now, as the school is miles away it will be impossible for me to be in two places at once.  Therefore I will need Daddy’s help which will probably mean him booking some time off.  However when I showed him the letter, he took one look at the school name and put it back in the envelope “I’ll worry about that when I have too” he states.  I then try to explain about taking time off, but he doesn’t want to know.  He is basically ignoring it until after the appeal, which isn’t going to take place until June I might add…  Lucky for me I cannot ignore it, as all the chuffing forms still need filling out regardless.  I just want it over with, but I guess the main thing is that my son is oblivious to all this stress.  He is just his happy go lucky self the majority of the time and I know he’ll be okay regardless.  It’s just his neurotic Mumma who can’t cope with it all… But it’s just because I care!

It didn’t help that I thought my husband hadn’t noticed my new hair do last night, minor I know, but it just added to my downer.  Then this morning he pipes up “Morning Blondie”, “Oh, so you did notice then?”, “Yeah well I was tired last night”.  Great, I think I’m just feeling a bit over-sensitive right now, best try and get that under control too!

Big hugs required at school pick up time me thinks…

Target:  Cope




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