Hopeful holidays…

Is it just me, or do any other mums out there feel absolutely wiped out at this time, the time we call the End-of-term!    I have no real explanation for it.  But a change of routine is definitely required for not just me, but for my kids to recharge their batteries in this game we call life.

This last week has been a typically bonkers, crazy, school obsessed scenario, with school trips, Easter projects, Church services, and finished off with non-uniform today.  A typical last week really, but my head just doesn’t seem to be able to cope with SO-MUCH-STUFF going on.  It hasn’t helped that I’m trying to plan my daughter’s birthday parties.  Yes, partieS in the plural…One for the family this weekend at home, and one for her friends the weekend after trampolining, not to mention pressie buying and wrapping.

I enjoy the family coming over, but what I can’t love is the clean up of the house before hand!  I might have mentioned before that Domestic Goddess I am NOT!!  Also, I know it’s not worth doing anything until the weekend, as the house will just get messed up again, God love ’em!

At least the weather is on our side, which means my lovely hubby also needs to mow the lawn tomorrow!  Which is slightly worrying as he is on a ‘lads’ night’ tonight, so let’s hope they don’t suffer too much of the ‘Tequila, it makes me happy!’ syndrome!

I actually managed to drag myself along to ‘Tennis Cardio’ last night, with my lovely  ‘Always-late-but-always-smiling’ Buddy!  We both had a good ol’ debate about totally losing it with our kids while trying to simultaneously cook tea, assist them with their art projects and get our tennis gear on!  It is reassuring when you realize you’re not the only one, my pal put it down to the ‘Summer Moon’ so I’m quite happy to go along with that one!  Once on court, it was going great until I managed to position myself behind a super-sonic tennis ball which whacked me right on the ear!  My ear was ringing big time!  So I had to sit out for a few minutes, feeling a right plonker to wait for the buzzing to stop.  It didn’t really hurt per say, it just stunned me slightly, so I put on a brave face and carried on regardless.  Other than that, it was mostly enjoyable, although I really need to improve my fitness levels!

The annoying thing is, I’ve been on this exercise lark for several months now and the weight is just not budging!  I wouldn’t mind but it didn’t used to be this way!  Now I am more mature, shall we say, it’s a lot harder to tone up.  It’s not impossible, just flipping hard work!   Unfortunately, the holidays don’t really help as I won’t get to go to any classes, but I’ve just got to make sure I stay active with the kids.  I’ve done my best not to plan anything out for the next two weeks, so I’ve not put anything in my calendar, as I usually end up filling the days up too soon and the weeks fly by!  Although I must admit I have been kind of planning most days in my head – I can’t help it!!  It’s the Project Manager in me!!  I have to plan and be in control of EVERYTHING!

I bet it sounds bonkers to all you working mums out there that I’m complaining about being worn out.  However, the lack of structure in my day does not help me cope with my stress levels.  I am a creature of habit, and have to fill my days with exercise classes, and personal projects to keep me sane (but the housework can wait!).  I really feel my tolerance levels have dropped massively. When working in a school, patience is paramount to your ability to do your job effectively, so I had it in bucket loads.  But lately, I seem to be lacking the propensity to maintain my patience.  I am hoping the holidays will provide an outlet to do some fun stuff with the kids, enjoy celebrating my daughters birthday and put me back on track.

My blessed hubby doesn’t always help put me in a positive mood either.  The other morning, my son decided to pick a school jumper from his laundry pile which was creased.  My husband calls me into my son’s room when he is on his way out of the door.  “Have you got an ironed jumper for him, he looks like a homeless person”.  Well you can imagine my very-slight-irritation at this comment.  So when he decides to repeat again. “Well, have you got another jumper for him or not?” I could not stop myself being slightly short with him.   He didn’t mean anything by it, I know that.  But questioning my ability to simply cloth my children in something respectable, when I manage it EVERY-OTHER-FLIPPING-DAY-OF-THE-YEAR, was rather insulting.  Bless him.

So, lets put on our happy faces and enjoy the time we have with our children these Easter Holidays, life is too short to huff and puff (which my husband tells me I’ve been doing a lot lately apparently)…. so turn that frown upside down (and maybe book a pedicure for when they go back…)  Enjoy!

Have a Fab Easter Everyone!

Target:  Hopeful Holidays





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