Chasing the Rainbow!

Our kitchen looks like we have taken out shares in ‘The Range’ Arts and Crafts division.  We have my daughters rivers project (in progress), my daughters Easter project (in progress), my son’s Easter project (in progress)… And finally my daughter’s ‘making boxes’ project, you guessed it..Still in progress!

I love how creative my daughter is, I am more than happy for her to craft to her hearts delight if that’s what she enjoys doing.  My son, however is not the creative one, and does these projects under duress usually..  However, to my amazement this weekend, my daughter was helping him by holding his eggs, while he painted them.  They managed about 4, before they started calling each other names.  As my son didn’t agree with the dots my daughter had decided to sporadically add to his lovely symmetrical design.  At that point I took over, but I was impressed by the focus he was able to apply to said task.   Why am I always surprised when my children prove me wrong… Lets hope they keep doing it!

I managed to escape ‘Mister Maker’s paradise’ by going out for a lovely long lunch on Saturday, as a belated birthday outing for my buddy and I, who have our birthdays two days apart.   We debated everything from our children’s futures, Sun soaked hols, hot men on TV – you name it – we had an opinion on it!  Probably getting louder and louder as we consumed several vinos and a lovely ‘Eden Rainbow Cocktail’ which was super yummy!  The tapas and homemade burgers we had didn’t really go any where near soaking up the drinkie poos!  Wish we had two birthdays a year like the Queen!

My husband had done a sterling job of cooking the munchkin’s tea and cleaning up etc… However he was rather perturbed by the children’s comments on his cooking.

“You don’t take the skins off the Daddy!”  “No, no, I don’t have butter, he does!”

Poor Daddy, I blame myself.  I do pander too much to my kids at teatime.  We have got into such a routine that I automatically know how each child prefers their potatoes.  When I was a child I’m sure it was just a ‘take it or leave it!’ mantra.  If I didn’t like it I would go hungry.   The fact that most teatimes, I cook two different meals, one for the kids and one for us adults is I know ridiculous, but I’m sure I’m not on my own.  Fussy eaters are common place these days, and I’m sure it’s just down to soft parents like me who do it just for an easy life.  Of course, there is so much more choice nowadays.  I can only remember having meat and two veg every night.  I didn’t have my first Chinese meal until I was a teenager.  So our taste pallet has grown so much we are a slave to too much choice!

At least the children had some appreciation of the Mumma’s cooking skills for once!

Target: Chase the Rainbow.

Done.. with bells on!



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