Holiday Dreaming…

Last night my hubby and I started to talk about our holiday this year.  We are both keen to go to Florida, as of course are the kiddies, so it’s about time I started to look for a good deal!

I asked my husband brightly “Would you like to travel from our local airport this time, rather than travel down to London?”  A simple question you would think.  “I don’t really mind either way” he replies.

“Oh, well I just thought it wouldn’t be quite such a squash for me and the children in the back of the car”  What happens is you see, Daddy’s car does not have a big enough boot for all our suitcases for two weeks.  Daddy and I have a big suitcase each and the children have a medium sized one each.  Therefore we end up with two cases in the boot and two cases in the passenger foot well and front seat.  This means it is a very uncomfortable journey in the back, with me squeezed in between the munchkins all the way, which last time, took about three hours.

“Why don’t we get a roof rack storage thingy?” I offer.

“I am not spending money on something that we only use once a year!” he retorts.  Easy for him to say..

“Well, then..” I try again… “We are planning on getting a new car soon, why don’t we get an estate car?  Then we could fit the bikes in too?”  This did not go down well.

“Genius!” Is his sarcastic reply, “I tell you what let’s just buy a van!  Or maybe a plane of our own!  Just so we can make our only holiday trip of the year more comfortable!  Honestly!”

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit dear..”  I thought it best to leave it at that.  Hubby was clearly not in the right frame of mind for this discussion, so I thought I’d best leave it.  He had only just got in from work at close to ten pm, so I’ll let him off!

Mummy logic has decided to try my best to avoid the luggage discussion again, because it really isn’t a big deal in the scheme of things.  Instead I will do my utmost to find flights from our local airport which is less than an hour away, problem solved!

Although I wouldn’t mind one of those Mummy Truck thingies which I see around so much at school pick up time.  It really is hilarious when you see some poor frazzled mummy trying to park a beast of a car (like the white one’s though!) in a normal car spaced spot.

This is why I am quite pleased we stuck at two kiddies.  Once you go for three plus all manner of different issues arise, not to mention sibling rivalries escalate.  There is the Seven-Seater-Mega-Truck you need for all the children, goodness knows what the arguments would be like about luggage storage in that scenario!  Also booking holidays becomes all the more problematic… and expensive.     Most package deals seem to be based on the typical two kiddie family, if there is an extra kiddie, or one less adult things get complicated.  Looking at extra rooms, extra transport etc. etc.  I’m sure it’s worth it to have another lovely to care for, but I’m quite pleased I dodged that bullet!

So, the holiday research begins…  No doubt I will spend hours pondering over different options and then just choose the first one I found… Similar to any clothes shopping trips really.  I have to look round every other shop to make sure I’m doing the right thing before purchasing that first LBD I saw in the first shop I came to!  It is the same on line, everyone does it now.  We have to compare everything,  using comparison websites for everything from holidays to drain insurance and they are raking it in!  Still it can be helpful to do everything from one place, otherwise it would be several more pointless hours of surfing!

Anyway, I already kinda know where we will be staying, my daughter has informed me “If we go to Florida mummy I want to go to the hotel with the big spotty doggies outside please”  So, that’s settled then, Disney Hotels here we come!

Target: Think about holiday research (but not actually get round to it!)




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