Retail Therapy

Does anyone else freak out when they enter Asda, or even just think about entering through those huge sliding doors.. Does it fill anyone else with fear and dread?

I don’t know what it is about the light open space of this Superstore but I can’t bear it. Maybe it’s the bright lighting, the constant assault on the senses, the Asda price this, or the Asda price that!

It is amazing how brand awareness spreads.  On holiday in Egypt many years ago, I remember the entertaining shouts of the street vendors running alongside the Nile, shouting “Asda Price! Asda Price!” – Hilarious!

For some reason my daughter loves this shop, well it’s not rocket science, I know the reason.  Toys, toys and more toys!  My son however has the typical male gene and absolutely hates any kind of shopping, so he would rather eat his own tongue than shop anywhere!

I’ve never considered myself a Supermarket Snob, but I don’t get the same feelings of trepidation going to say, Sainsburys or M&S.  In fact the endorphins start flowing as soon as I’m in the car and on my way to these stores (unless it’s Christmas).  What do they do differently?   Is it just the snob factor that sets something off in my brain to say these places represent quality rather than quantity?  The marketing clearly makes a difference.  It is very clever subliminal tactics that seduce me to react this way.  As I used to work in the Food Manufacturing industry I am well aware that the majority of products come from exactly the same places and are processed in exactly the same way.  The only difference in most cases is the brand.  I know all this yet I am still seduced… Maybe I enjoy being seduced.  Just like when I have a rare trip off to the city and go into one of the big department stores.  The makeup counters call to me… I usually end up buying every single extra the beautifully made up assistant recommends to me, because I just love being made a fuss of.  They are very good at making you feel special, and it’s ‘because you’re worth it!’

It just doesn’t feel the same buying your make up from the Asda aisle, even though once again, no doubt the ingredients are not that different.

I have absolutely no excuse what-so-ever for doing my grocery shopping on line either.  It has just become the norm.  I never pay for delivery, as I always make sure we spend enough to warrant free delivery.   Once again this is a false economy, but it makes it easier to justify. Who wants to make a trip to the shops and pay for petrol?  No!  I can’t do that??  I just begrudge wasting an hour out of my day wandering aimlessly around a supermarket, most probably being seduced by products I don’t really need and spending more anyway…

Nah!  I’ve convinced myself it all makes sense!  Ladies logic and all that!

Now, I need to get back to working out what the hell my daughter can do for her ‘rivers’ project.  The deadline date seems to be looming … And unfortunately I have not been able to find a nice little ‘model kit’ to buy online, so we may even have to use our own creativity!  God help us!  There’s nothing for it, I will have to involve the Dadda in this one!

Oh for goodness sake, I surprise myself at times!  I’ve just said goodbye to the Washing Machine Engineer Man, happily signed his device and said ‘thank you very much’ as he says he’s fixed it!  Then I go and see, after he’s gone.  I turn the dials..Nothing happens.  I stare at it for a while and think ‘surely not’ I heard the thing going round once he’d fixed it!  If I’ve let him go and it’s still not working, hubby will not be happy!  I really should have checked it before he left!  But then…  I peer behind the machine, and notice something.  He only left the plug switched off at the mains!  I wonder if he did that just to test me!  Well, I didn’t do very well.  I despair at my dizziness at times!! Hey ho!  All’s well that ends well… although now I suppose I’ll have to get on with some blessed washing!!

Target: Prove Ladies Logic


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