Monday aftershock..

Am I the only woman on the planet who can’t make the most of lovely lie ins at the weekend?  The thing is, after my Saturday at the spa, I had the most awesome night’s sleep, finally climbing out of bed at about 9.30am …  Result!  However, Sunday night I awoke at 2am and failed to get back to sleep for hours.  Only to suffer from horrendous nightmares when I did!  It is so unfair!!!

As a result, this morning I felt like I’d had a seriously heavy weekend, and my exercise class was very painful indeed!   My hope is that things will balance themselves out and I will sleep like a log tonight!

To add to my woes, unfortunately I am minus a washing machine today. It has bust.  Error Code 08 apparently. My husband is tasked with sorting it, or buying me a new one.  It really is amazing how we take such white goods for granted…  It opens your eyes to how lucky we really are in comparison to our fore-mothers in times gone by.  This is why I have loved the BBC One ‘Back in Time for Dinner’ series which takes you for a family journey through the ages.  It happens to be one of the few programs that both my husband and I can watch AND ENJOY together.

Maybe I have mentioned in the past my HATE relationship with ironing?  It is truly the most despised household chore in my book.  It made me laugh when I was chatting with my husband about the washing.  We sent some washing to my lovely Mother in Law, who had tried to fold most of the clothes and had told my husband “tell her to keep these things folded and it should avoid ironing”.    I then proceeded to tell my husband that his Mum also does what she can to avoid ironing, especially his Dad’s shirts.  My hubby was perturbed by this fact, assuming his Mum must iron everything..  “Well, she always used to iron my pants!” he proclaims.   Well, he can do one if he think’s I will be doing that!

This week is quite busy on the school stuff front!   There is an English Workshop Thursday morning, which I have said I’ll got to, although I’m not exactly looking forward to it.  The thing is, as I worked in a school as a Teaching Assistant for a while, I doubt I’ll learn anything new, but hey ho!  The school are making an effort to involve us parents so least we can do is show an interest…

It is also the first of the School Lent services at the church next door.  I am making the effort to go to each one, as I haven’t had the opportunity before, when I was working.  It helps me to feel involved in the kid’s school activities which can only be a good thing.

Well, I’m afraid I’m done for, apologies for the lack of frivolity in my writing today.  I desperately need 40 winks before I go get the kids.  Otherwise I will be a seriously grumpy, obnoxious mummy when they return, and that’s no good for any of us.

Sweet Dreams…

Target:  Get through the day

Not quite yet.

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