#Feel Good Friday!

Well, if there was ever a day I had the Friday feeling it would be today.

Too much adventuring at my age is not good for the stress levels…  My idea about taking a safer alternative route to my buddy’s place yesterday did not go well…

I got half way there, being blown around a bit but doing okay.. When the traffic suddenly came to a standstill.  I was on a main road in the middle of a quaint little village, I craned my neck and there was only a Tree down!!!  It was blocking the whole road.  Fabulous!  Now what?

I reviewed my options… Go all the way back to town and take the motorway after all.. That way I would be at least an hour late!  Or try google maps on my phone to find an alternative.  Well that didn’t go so well, as I had my stress head on which doesn’t always work all that logically in situations such as this…I couldn’t get it to re-route for me, so I went for option 3.  I made my way back to a village I was familiar with, as I used to go horse riding round these parts years ago.  Once there, I knew I could re-route to a familiar road and then turn google maps on to show me the remainder of the way.  This worked brilliantly, although I was quite concerned when it took me down roads I have never come across before, so I had absolutely no idea where I was for a few miles.  However it got me back to the main road I recognized and off I went again.  Still 30 minutes late, but still time for lunch, so mission accomplished!!  God I needed a vino when I got there though.  How I used to cope with stressful work situations I will never know.  Whether it is my age, or just because my stress threshold has reduced since having kids, or being away from the workplace,  I do not know, but I don’t handle stress well at all!  Take a chill pill Mumma!

As my phone was almost dead, due to using google maps all the way, I decided to play safe and go back on the motorway and as it happened it wasn’t too bad at all – lesson learnt I’d say!  Don’t try and be clever!  You can’t beat the weather!

Another reason I am glad Friday is here… I’m off for a lovely day out with my girlies tomorrow at my favorite Health Spa…. How lovely…  I reminded Daddy last night that he was in charge for the day.  I also informed my munchkins that they gets to spend THE-WHOLE-DAY with Daddy!!!  Wohoo!!  What fun you’ll have…japing around all day.

What kind of scenes I get back to when I finally return however I dread to think.  I will make sure the fridge is stocked, clean clothes are available, my son’s swimming bag is packed for water polo…  Yep, I think that’ll do it!  Not that I wish to down play my husbands parenting abilities… I just like to know all bases have been covered for a smooth operation on the day.  This also means, everyone is chilled and happy when I return.

Mind you, we were very nearly, VERY late this morning.  I don’t really know what happened, probably a mixture of me trying to get ahead with stuff, ready for the weekend, and Daddy discussing French lessons with the kids for ages before he went to work, meaning my daughter came down without her dress on, as we were in such a rush!  Thankfully my daughter managed to get her dress on before we left the building!  However we had to do the old walk/run maneuver to get to school before the bell went.  But we made it!  Phew!  Although my daughter was in a right strop before she went in.  I assume it was down to the fact she had to run …  She still hasn’t forgiven me for a Mummy faux pas yesterday.  I had forgotten to put socks in her PE bag.  They had taken the poor kids out on the field in gale force winds and my daughter had to put trainers on without socks.  This resulted in both her feet being VERY cold and also getting blisters all over her feet!  Mega Fail Mumma!!  I have now put 2 pairs of socks in her bag so this does not happen again…  Just goes to show us Magic Mummies are always learning!

Have an Absolutely Fabulous Weekend Everyone!

Target: Get to Friday




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