Friendship Matters!

Well, I have found myself in a girlie panic this morning…  I only drive over to my friend’s house every few months to have a spot of lunch, and the one day we pick – there’s a flipping storm passing over the Island!!!

I know it’s me over reacting, but as I don’t drive much further than the outskirts of the town these days, I really do get flustered when it is necessary to drive in tricky weather.  Ironic really as driving all over the UK used to be part of my job in IT, whether I liked it or not!  It is not a part of the job I enjoyed, but you just had to get on with it and it became the norm…How things have changed!

Chatting with my son on the school run, he asked me what I was doing today and I explained about travelling on the motorway to my friends.  “Oh dear Mummy, you must be careful that the lorries don’t fall on you!”  Bless him, his concern is lovely, but it didn’t help me to feel any more confident about my journey.  I have decided not to take the motorway and go on an alternative route, which may take longer, but hopefully will have less risk of tipping lorries!

I do find it reassuring when I meet my old friend and we talk non-stop for two hours without stopping for breath!  Don’t you find that those friends you’ve known for years, who you feel the most comfortable with, are the most unconditional of friends.  It matters not, the time which has passed in between your last meeting, the feelings are exactly the same.  It also makes me feel more balanced, when discussing the day to day events of my life with someone who is not directly involved in them.  They provide an objective reflection of your life, which can often make you take stock and count your chickens as it were!

Friendship is SO IMPORTANT to my sanity.  Without my lovely friends I would not have an outlet to vent all my frustrations of everyday life, which often seem to pale in comparison to the real issues on the planet.  My friends understand why I’m whittling about daft things, and not so daft things, because they understand me and can relate in many ways, regardless of how different their life pattern might be.  All my friends work, some full time, some part time.  So this makes me different.  I do feel different.  Guess it is because I’m still struggling with not having a conventional job to go to each day.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate not having to get up and go to work each day, but am finding it difficult to establish a working from home routine which makes me feel complete.

Everyone who has known me for a considerable number of years knows I’ve never been the Stay-at-Home type of Mummy.  However I really do enjoy being here for the kids and supporting them with school etc etc.  but just don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.   Hope this doesn’t sound like whining (you can leave that to my kids) it’s just that my routine at the moment does still feel like a temporary arrangement.   Mumma really wishes she could spend the whole day baking and singing, and feel complete, but she just can’t!!  Every woman is different, and special, and beautiful. She must find her own way of enjoying her life, while supporting her family.  IT IS NOT EASY!!  And there is no easy answer to this dilemma…

One thing is clear, I love doing this blog and networking with new people on social media.  I love writing and want to make a success of it!   There are still so many things I want to achieve with my writing career, like working on a sequel to my new book!  (While avoiding the ironing pile which is haunting me again!)  So I need to focus all my Mummy Magic into achieving all that, and stop procrastinating.. (this is my son’s favorite new word).

Well, I guess I need to man up, and go meet my friend.  Wish me Luck!!  I just know she will make me feel better…

Target:  Feel Friendship





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