Life’s too Short!

Mixed feelings dawned when my alarm went off this morning…

Back to normality – Yay!

Up with the lark to do pack-ups – Boo!

Now that I’ve been to my Legs, Bums and Tums; showered, washed my hair and am feeling relatively human again, it feels good to be back at the laptop, doing what I love.. Writing.

The school run this morning was pretty stress free, my son even asked me what I would be doing with my day!  This is extremely unusual and I don’t expect it to last, but it was nice to be asked for once.

I expect both the children to come home with an assortment of homework, school projects, club information, school events etc. etc. tonight.  Which I now feel I can cope with as I have had my morning Skinny Cappuccino.

My daughter was in a good mood as the Tooth Fairy delivered £2 this morning, which she had been waiting a very long time for.  Seems the cost of living has even affected the supernatural world… I only remember getting 10p!   Anyway, it put her in a good mood, and that’s good enough for me.

Isn’t it amusing how our little one’s minds work at times?  We were all sat as a family on Saturday evening watching ‘Ninja Warrior UK’, yes I know, painful.  But it is still nice that we can watch normal Saturday TV, instead of having to sit through yet another episode of ‘Adventure Time’ or ‘Uncle Grandpa’ (I mean seriously what the chuff are these about??? Whoever comes up with these random excuses for children’s viewing must be taking some seriously wicked teabags!)    Anyway, we were watching this program and my daughter pipes up “What’s that woman’s name in the frame?”.  To which we all looked at her blankly, until Daddy, (who apparently is on the same wave length… figures) replies “You mean the Mona Lisa hunny?” (Wow! – discussing Art! – in our house! – how cultured are we??!!) “Yep, that’s right… She’d be good at this”  Ummmm…. “Be good at what darling?” “Ninja Warrior silly!  Because she’s skinny!”  We all burst out into uncontrollable giggling at this point.  The fact that my daughter had thought of this painting and somehow made it applicable to Ninja Warrior, was just a classic!

Don’t ever grow up kids… please!

Now, I must ponder what to have for lunch…  You see I have a ball to go to in a couple of weeks and my darling hubby purchased a dress for me to wear.  It is lovely, but a wee bit tight!  As this do is a sit down dinner, I proclaimed to hubby I would lose the necessary Back fat in time for said event.  Ever since I said this I have felt starving, pretty much the whole time!  Why is it that as soon as we proclaim we are on some sort of diet/starvation assault course our body goes into denial mode, making us feel hungrier than we’ve ever felt before!

My HELL plan, is to basically eat Yogurt, fruit and cereal bars for breakfast and lunch, then still have a proper dinner (but with smaller portions).  I must also abstain from my sugar filled lattes and rose wine.  This is no mean feat let me tell you!!  I have even took the wine off the grocery shop this week so it’s not in the house, as my will power is not the greatest, especially when my little darlings get home….

But, to be honest, I don’t mind how slow the next couple of weeks go, as there is a far more prominent event shortly after the ball, and that’s my 45th birthday!!  How the billy-o did I get to 45!!  It is so unfair!!  This means I’m actually gonna have to tick the next box down on all questionnaires in existence on this earth.  No more a 29-44 boxer, I’m now a 45-59 boxer!!  This cannot be true!!  I still feel EXACTLY-THE-SAME as I always did as a young 20 something… apart from a few more aches, but hey ho!!  I can take solace in the fact that I am probably a hell of a lot healthier now, than I was in my earlier 20s.    Hell!  I might even live a little today and have a ryvita with my fruit!  Life is just too short!

So ladies, let’s not sulk, lets embrace our 40s, we never had it so good (if you keep saying it to yourself repeatedly in you head…so people don’t think you’ve lost it…It sounds convincing…honest!)

Target: Back to normality




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