Holidays End!

Well we’ve got to Friday!  The half term hols have gone in a flash as usual.  Kids have managed to fit in plenty of activities, sports clubs, sleepovers, birthday parties, and let’s not try and deny it, gaming time..  I know it’s frowned upon in mummy circles to let your kids have too much screen time, but it is a part of their life nowadays, whether we like it or not.  My son had his friend over and that’s how they enjoyed spending their time.  It is futile to resist.  The more you do, the more they want to do it.

My gaming strategy is to make sure they have shed loads of other stuff on in the holidays so that their screen time is in the lower percentages, without putting any kind of ban on it.

I always feel ashamed when other mummy’s say they have an hour limit a day on gaming time, I know my two (especially my son) have more than that most days.  It is the way they wind down after a busy day at school and I see no harm in it, as long as what they do play is appropriate for their age.  My son has recently started asking about playing games with an 18 age restriction.  My answer to this is an absolute no.  I get “But Mummy, all my mates are allowed to play Halo, why can’t I?” My response is that I don’t care about his friends, only about him, and those games are an 18 for a reason.  I have no doubt he will start to put more pressure on once he’s at secondary, but I am determined to hold out until I think he is old enough to cope with playing these games, without being consumed by them.

My husband does not help with the gaming issue.  The first thing he does when he gets home from work is play some game on his phone, or one of the kids tablets, or on the Xbox.  He is a total convert to the smartphone, which is quite amusing as up until a year ago he had a phone out of the arc that only took calls and texts – god forbid!  He resisted and resisted buying a new smartphone.  But when he did that was it, he spends most of his spare time at nights on it.  He even watches films in the middle of the night on it!  I, however have never got the gaming bug, and never really will.  I do remember playing a ‘cooking fever’ game of some description once, but soon got bored of it when I realized I couldn’t get any further without earning extra points, Gems, or whatever the hell they called them.  The constant adverts and temptation to spend money on extra goodies also did my head in.  I just don’t get it!  I know I’m SOOOO UNCOOL!!

My daughter really isn’t that bothered however, and is happier playing with her friends making potions and dressing up etc. than gaming.  Although they often put music on You Tube to dance to!

I have also got a new addiction this week – my daughter has an adult colouring book.  I had the bright idea to purchase one for myself, so we could do some crafting together, and now I’m hooked!  My hubby thinks it’s hilarious, “Knitting next is it my dear?” he pipes up, but I really am finding it quite therapeutic.  It is also a lovely way to spend time with my daughter.

Us girls also went swimming together yesterday, while my son was as Footie Camp.  It was lovely, but it made me realize how my son does help with my daughters shyness.  There was a large inflatable up in the main pool, and my daughter was umming and aahhhing as to whether to go on it.  I remember myself being very shy as a child, when it came to trying out new things with loads of other kids to contend with, but as an only child I had no siblings to hide behind.  She decided she would have a go, so she got out of the pool with me close by, but stopped short for some reason, and then changed her mind.  Now, if her brother had been there he would have had no problem with going straight on it, as he’s up for anything!  Then his sister could have followed behind.  But as it was she missed out on having a go.

Big brothers are good for some things after all!

So as the end of the holidays comes near, thoughts turn to getting things ready for school next week, and getting back to normality.  I must admit, I am ready to get back to routine… lots to do!!  God, my inner Sargent Major really needs to chillax!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Target:  Survive the holidays



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