Make Time This Valentines!

Momma…. Momma …. MOMMA!!!!!

This is on repeat this week as it is half term holidays.  My daughter will occasionally hit the pause button to go on her tablet and watch videos on ‘How to make a very-dangerous-looking crossbow’ from pencils, elastic bands and cocktail sticks!! Otherwise it is much of the same coco-pops constantly crunching under my feet madness!

It is only Tuesday, I really should be enjoying the lack of routine that is school hols. However I am afraid I am a creature of habit, and without routine feel rather lost and forlorn.

We do have a lot of things planned this week.  Yesterday was actually the only day on which I had planned absolutely nothing, albeit this is only the case as my son’s Tennis Camp got cancelled!

Although I do look forward to ‘do nothing’ days, I find that after the lovely lie in, they are anything but, ‘do nothing’ days.  At least for me.  I end up doing more jobs than I would usually as I haven’t got my normal routine to follow: School drop off – Exercise class -Shopping – Home to jobs – Blogging – Work on book sequel – School pick up -After school club pick up – Make tea – Extra curricular kids clubs – Home to jobs – Bath/Shower (my daughter feels baths are too babyish now) – Supper – Bed (for the kids and usually me)

Yes, I know, an exciting life for me!!! I hear you cry!!  Thing is, this is the way I like it, I am my own boss at the end of the day, so I make my own itinerary.  Yesterday however, on my ‘do nothing’ day, I ended up spending several hours sewing together the mattress of our old camp bed for my daughters friend to stay over for sleep over tonight.  Not the activity I would pick if given the choice (as if I ever have one!)…

Today, both my children have friends over, but luckily not at the same time.  Currently I am eagerly awaiting the highlight of my day,  an EON Engineer coming to fit a new Smart Meter, it is second time lucky as the first one didn’t work, so we’ll see.  These meters are meant to show you when you are using up the most electricity so I dread to think what it will uncover.  It is not rocket science really, the amount of times lights have been left on upstairs by the kids in the morning is shocking!  We normally realize once I am halfway down the drive and not in the mood to go back into the house to turn them off!

Hell hath no fury like a child scorned – by – NO ELECTRICITY FOR 60 MINUTES!!

With hindsight how I wish I hadn’t booked it during half term, the repercussions of fussy kids and altercations brewing, forces me to bring out the big guns – Board Games!!  I know we will actually have to play together!  It’s like it’s Christmas or something!!

I vaguely remember power cuts in the seventies, but we just got on with it then. Apart from having to use candlelight and missing a bit of telly it was no big deal.  I suppose it could have been worse, I could have done it when their friends were here, God Forbid!  The thing is, it may be chuffing freezing outside (as well as inside as electricity still off!) but the sun is actually shining today so they could play outside in the garden.  When I hear voices reaching fever pitch maybe I will suggest it… And then take cover!!

I (kind of) hope this meter thingy works this time..  just so we can see how much energy we are guzzling, although I sometimes think ignorance is bliss at times, however I’m sure my Accountant husband would not agree with me…

I have not forgotten that it is Valentines Day today.  My hubby and I did actually manage to get some alone time together, shopping and a meal out on Saturday, while the In-Laws kindly watched the kids.  This now, however, feels like a distant memory….  So tonight it will just be swapping of sloppy cards and a Domino’s delivered to the door!  Not everyone’s idea of romance I know, but the fact we have a girlie sleepover to deal with kind of takes the edge off the romance..

I do believe it is So So IMPORTANT!!!  To try and keep the romance alive.

As every parent knows, children will affect your relationship in one way or another, at any age.  You are no longer just a couple, you are Mummy & Daddy.  Your munchkins are your Number One priority now, so the romance does tend to take a bit of a sideline..  But I am a great believer in the mantra, you need to “Make Time” for a date night here and there.  Even though it’s easier said than done!

So, my hopes and prayers go out to all you parents out there!  May you somehow manage to “Make Time” to love.

Right, enough sentimental gloop.. Back to reality… Sounds like war has broken out between the Internet deprived siblings upstairs… When is that sodding electricity coming back on???   ARGGGHHH!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Target:  Make Time




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