I lurve-lurve-lurve to plan!!!

Always have, always will.  Where it is conceivably possible that is.

I now understand as a parent, planning is somewhat limited when your lil’ munchkins don’t really understand the concept.  You cannot blame babies and toddlers of course, they are far too young to comprehend the fact that mummy planned to be out of the house an hour ago, but apparently they seem to have other ideas as they decide to either poop, tantrum or smear yogurt over the walls etc. etc.

However my 2 munchkins know their mummy well enough now to know that I do not like to be late!  (hence the reason I give my hubby a leaving time of 15 minutes before we have to leave, just in case…) I also like things to go to plan..   So there is absolutely no-excuses-whatsoever!!!    Mummy has no tolerance for fighting over the milk at breakfast, fighting over the toothpaste in the bathroom, or fighting over the front seat of the car..  While Mummy is waiting (not so) patiently by the door.  Of course Mummy cannot plan the weather!!

This morning for example, the car was covered in frost.  When I walked outside, I spotted a man across the road busy de-icing the car for his wife…How thoughtful.. Also, another Mummy neighbour waves at me happily from inside her car which she just jumped straight into… as her hubby has done the same.  Mine however has not.  He did not even scrape the drivers side for me, in a half hearted attempt at helping, like he sometimes does.  Hey ho! I cannot complain, he has been fixing stuff I broke all weekend…   I’ll do it myself.  Luckily my son was in a helpful mood and scraped the windows, while I sprayed de-icer and demisted the windscreen.  While my dilatory daughter was still upstairs faffing about…  However we still managed to get to school in good time, although my poor daughter was huffing as the back wheel of her scooter was frozen.  I must admit I was huffing a bit too, due to wearing my Nike leggings for an exercise class which was a bit like wearing nothing !!

Anyway we managed it!  (Apart from my friend ringing me when I was walking back to my car to tell me the WEEH-WAH was going off in the car park – ARGGGGH)

So, back to the subject of planning, I’ve got half term all planned out!  How is it that one minute you have a lovely free week to look forward to, the next minute every-single-day you’re doing SOMETHING!!

Although I don’t really mind, my son’s at football and tennis club camps which means he won’t be on the XBOX all week…  My daughter however doesn’t do clubs, so that means Mummy has to keep her occupied all week – WOOHOO!!  At least we can do shopping and girly stuff I suppose.

So, in preparation for the half term week ahead I thought it only right and proper to book myself in for another massage this week, you know, just to de-stress…..Well that’s the least I deserve.. surely??  My annual trip to the day spa isn’t planned in until the end of the month after all…

Come to think of it, I really need to plan in a trip to the hairdressers soon too …  This is the sort of planning I lurve-lurve-lurve!!

Target: Get Planning!




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