Talk about feeling like a helpless woman!!!

I arrived back at my car after school run this morning, double clicked my key fob… nothing happened … Uh oh ..  What the bejeezes do I do?

Luckily I had a very knowledgeable, not helpless, friend with me.  She told me to use the key the old fashioned way instead.  If I had been on my own, no doubt I would have had a panic attack and automatically tried to ring my husband!  Luckily however, this worked, but when my friend tried to open the passenger door,  WEEH WAAH WEEH WAAH !!!  The alarm starts going off, so all eyes are on the helpless woman in the car park!  Once again my friend comes to the rescue, I stupidly get out of the car in a fluster, and she sensibly and calmly tells me to put my key in the ignition and turn!  This does the trick and the alarm is silent once more…

I then find another button on my door to manually open the passenger door so my savior friend can get in!   I was so lucky that she was there otherwise I would have been deeply embarrassed.  My husband would probably have been too god damn busy to answer the phone and I would probably have ended up walking home whilst huffing and puffing at how useless I am!   I did think it strange this morning when I tried to roll down the drivers side window and it did nothing, me thinks it could be related…  luckily it is the weekend so my Hubby will hopefully sort for me.  I like things to just WORK!!!

Oh, on that subject, the mystery of my broken washing machine was also solved, much to my embarrassment.  As soon as I told hubby, he sighed and said “You’ve done this before you know…” straight away it dawned, I’d only gone and moved something on the worktop in the utility room and switched it off at the plug!!  What a mug am I??  I amaze myself at times with my mindless antics.  Oh well at least maybe next time… I’ll remember??  “Doubt it” I hear hubby cry!

On a plus note for a Friday, Ironing is done!  Hurrah!  I have also managed to catch up with the ole Wifely duties and cleaned the house today.  A great feeling of satisfaction should spread through me like a wave…  Until the kids are home and wreck it again.. Hey ho, a brief wave is good enough!

Also, the paperback version of my new book has arrived!  It actually seems real now, I have achieved the one goal I have had for as long as I can remember.  It is a physical, tangible thing in my hand, which I should be proud of!  Only trouble is, I feel the pressure building now to write a sequel, it is rising inside of me and will not let go.

Time to put myself under pressure again… beats Ironing anyway!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Target:  Feel Accomplished!



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