Stay Cool.

The last couple of days have been rather busy to say the least!  Yesterday, the morning didn’t start off great however.  My son was downstairs waving off my hubby to work and pipes up “Mummy, has this jumper been ironed?”  Now call be paranoid, but this is not a sentence I would expect to come out of my son’s mouth.  I knew immediately this was Daddy, hopefully he was being ironic, or just trying to push Mummy’s buttons!!  Since when do we iron jumpers anyway!!  It’s painful enough getting all of Daddy’s work shirts done without doing jumpers too!

I have Ironitis – I can’t bear it – if there was one thing I could outsource it would be this chore.  I know some people actually find it quite therapeutic,  “Oh, I don’t mind it, I just put the telly on” I hear them cry.  Well I’m sorry, but no telly manages to even make a slight dent in the monotony of this job.  In fairness to my husband, he did do his own shirts when I was working, but now of course.. no excuses for me!

Anyway…  Once Daddy had left with his non-helpful comments the day continued with an upbeat vain.  Firstly there was the Year 6 Coastline-in-a-shoe box Exhibition at school to which parents were invited, much to my son’s dismay.  He is now ‘Cool’ and does not enjoy associating with his Mummy in front of his friends, so when I arrived I found myself following him around at arms length, so not to embarrass him.  However it was nice to see all the work laid out, and I couldn’t resist giving my son a head rub before exiting.

Next, a coffee with a friend I have not seen in AGES!!   Yet we nattered non-stop for 2 hours, putting the world to rights in our little bubble of righteousness. It was great!  I always feel a beautiful calm when I’ve caught up with one of my buddies.  Talking about kids, husbands, work, school, clubs etc etc.  kind of makes you realize how full your life is and how you wouldn’t change a thing!!

This morning there was another school event to go to, this time at the Church next door.  There are a number of these events throughout the year, but I really didn’t know what to expect.  I had asked my daughter if she wanted me to come, and the answer was yes, so I figured it was better than doing the ironing.  I was actually pleasantly surprised, the vicar was quite young and enigmatic, and he kept the service quite fun and relevant, it was a breath of fresh air.  Totally different from the church services I remember as a child, which just seemed to go on.. and on.. and on.   Also, I had to giggle at the end.  I was sat at the back of the church (as 500 kids took up the front and middle), but I was quite close to my daughter.  However I couldn’t see my son, so when his year were walking out the church I looked out for him.  Much to my delight I could see him straining his neck to see if I was there, then, when he saw me I waved frantically at him.  He put his head down and did a half wave, cos he’s cool!  But I was secretly chuffed he had still been looking out for me.

Nice to know he’s still at least luke warm really…

Target:  Avoid the Ironing




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