Monday aftershock..

Am I the only woman on the planet who can’t make the most of lovely lie ins at the weekend?  The thing is, after my Saturday at the spa, I had the most awesome night’s sleep, finally climbing out of bed at about 9.30am …  Result!  However, Sunday night I awoke at 2am and failed to get back to sleep for hours.  Only to suffer from horrendous nightmares when I did!  It is so unfair!!!

As a result, this morning I felt like I’d had a seriously heavy weekend, and my exercise class was very painful indeed!   My hope is that things will balance themselves out and I will sleep like a log tonight!

To add to my woes, unfortunately I am minus a washing machine today. It has bust.  Error Code 08 apparently. My husband is tasked with sorting it, or buying me a new one.  It really is amazing how we take such white goods for granted…  It opens your eyes to how lucky we really are in comparison to our fore-mothers in times gone by.  This is why I have loved the BBC One ‘Back in Time for Dinner’ series which takes you for a family journey through the ages.  It happens to be one of the few programs that both my husband and I can watch AND ENJOY together.

Maybe I have mentioned in the past my HATE relationship with ironing?  It is truly the most despised household chore in my book.  It made me laugh when I was chatting with my husband about the washing.  We sent some washing to my lovely Mother in Law, who had tried to fold most of the clothes and had told my husband “tell her to keep these things folded and it should avoid ironing”.    I then proceeded to tell my husband that his Mum also does what she can to avoid ironing, especially his Dad’s shirts.  My hubby was perturbed by this fact, assuming his Mum must iron everything..  “Well, she always used to iron my pants!” he proclaims.   Well, he can do one if he think’s I will be doing that!

This week is quite busy on the school stuff front!   There is an English Workshop Thursday morning, which I have said I’ll got to, although I’m not exactly looking forward to it.  The thing is, as I worked in a school as a Teaching Assistant for a while, I doubt I’ll learn anything new, but hey ho!  The school are making an effort to involve us parents so least we can do is show an interest…

It is also the first of the School Lent services at the church next door.  I am making the effort to go to each one, as I haven’t had the opportunity before, when I was working.  It helps me to feel involved in the kid’s school activities which can only be a good thing.

Well, I’m afraid I’m done for, apologies for the lack of frivolity in my writing today.  I desperately need 40 winks before I go get the kids.  Otherwise I will be a seriously grumpy, obnoxious mummy when they return, and that’s no good for any of us.

Sweet Dreams…

Target:  Get through the day

Not quite yet.

#Feel Good Friday!

Well, if there was ever a day I had the Friday feeling it would be today.

Too much adventuring at my age is not good for the stress levels…  My idea about taking a safer alternative route to my buddy’s place yesterday did not go well…

I got half way there, being blown around a bit but doing okay.. When the traffic suddenly came to a standstill.  I was on a main road in the middle of a quaint little village, I craned my neck and there was only a Tree down!!!  It was blocking the whole road.  Fabulous!  Now what?

I reviewed my options… Go all the way back to town and take the motorway after all.. That way I would be at least an hour late!  Or try google maps on my phone to find an alternative.  Well that didn’t go so well, as I had my stress head on which doesn’t always work all that logically in situations such as this…I couldn’t get it to re-route for me, so I went for option 3.  I made my way back to a village I was familiar with, as I used to go horse riding round these parts years ago.  Once there, I knew I could re-route to a familiar road and then turn google maps on to show me the remainder of the way.  This worked brilliantly, although I was quite concerned when it took me down roads I have never come across before, so I had absolutely no idea where I was for a few miles.  However it got me back to the main road I recognized and off I went again.  Still 30 minutes late, but still time for lunch, so mission accomplished!!  God I needed a vino when I got there though.  How I used to cope with stressful work situations I will never know.  Whether it is my age, or just because my stress threshold has reduced since having kids, or being away from the workplace,  I do not know, but I don’t handle stress well at all!  Take a chill pill Mumma!

As my phone was almost dead, due to using google maps all the way, I decided to play safe and go back on the motorway and as it happened it wasn’t too bad at all – lesson learnt I’d say!  Don’t try and be clever!  You can’t beat the weather!

Another reason I am glad Friday is here… I’m off for a lovely day out with my girlies tomorrow at my favorite Health Spa…. How lovely…  I reminded Daddy last night that he was in charge for the day.  I also informed my munchkins that they gets to spend THE-WHOLE-DAY with Daddy!!!  Wohoo!!  What fun you’ll have…japing around all day.

What kind of scenes I get back to when I finally return however I dread to think.  I will make sure the fridge is stocked, clean clothes are available, my son’s swimming bag is packed for water polo…  Yep, I think that’ll do it!  Not that I wish to down play my husbands parenting abilities… I just like to know all bases have been covered for a smooth operation on the day.  This also means, everyone is chilled and happy when I return.

Mind you, we were very nearly, VERY late this morning.  I don’t really know what happened, probably a mixture of me trying to get ahead with stuff, ready for the weekend, and Daddy discussing French lessons with the kids for ages before he went to work, meaning my daughter came down without her dress on, as we were in such a rush!  Thankfully my daughter managed to get her dress on before we left the building!  However we had to do the old walk/run maneuver to get to school before the bell went.  But we made it!  Phew!  Although my daughter was in a right strop before she went in.  I assume it was down to the fact she had to run …  She still hasn’t forgiven me for a Mummy faux pas yesterday.  I had forgotten to put socks in her PE bag.  They had taken the poor kids out on the field in gale force winds and my daughter had to put trainers on without socks.  This resulted in both her feet being VERY cold and also getting blisters all over her feet!  Mega Fail Mumma!!  I have now put 2 pairs of socks in her bag so this does not happen again…  Just goes to show us Magic Mummies are always learning!

Have an Absolutely Fabulous Weekend Everyone!

Target: Get to Friday




Friendship Matters!

Well, I have found myself in a girlie panic this morning…  I only drive over to my friend’s house every few months to have a spot of lunch, and the one day we pick – there’s a flipping storm passing over the Island!!!

I know it’s me over reacting, but as I don’t drive much further than the outskirts of the town these days, I really do get flustered when it is necessary to drive in tricky weather.  Ironic really as driving all over the UK used to be part of my job in IT, whether I liked it or not!  It is not a part of the job I enjoyed, but you just had to get on with it and it became the norm…How things have changed!

Chatting with my son on the school run, he asked me what I was doing today and I explained about travelling on the motorway to my friends.  “Oh dear Mummy, you must be careful that the lorries don’t fall on you!”  Bless him, his concern is lovely, but it didn’t help me to feel any more confident about my journey.  I have decided not to take the motorway and go on an alternative route, which may take longer, but hopefully will have less risk of tipping lorries!

I do find it reassuring when I meet my old friend and we talk non-stop for two hours without stopping for breath!  Don’t you find that those friends you’ve known for years, who you feel the most comfortable with, are the most unconditional of friends.  It matters not, the time which has passed in between your last meeting, the feelings are exactly the same.  It also makes me feel more balanced, when discussing the day to day events of my life with someone who is not directly involved in them.  They provide an objective reflection of your life, which can often make you take stock and count your chickens as it were!

Friendship is SO IMPORTANT to my sanity.  Without my lovely friends I would not have an outlet to vent all my frustrations of everyday life, which often seem to pale in comparison to the real issues on the planet.  My friends understand why I’m whittling about daft things, and not so daft things, because they understand me and can relate in many ways, regardless of how different their life pattern might be.  All my friends work, some full time, some part time.  So this makes me different.  I do feel different.  Guess it is because I’m still struggling with not having a conventional job to go to each day.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate not having to get up and go to work each day, but am finding it difficult to establish a working from home routine which makes me feel complete.

Everyone who has known me for a considerable number of years knows I’ve never been the Stay-at-Home type of Mummy.  However I really do enjoy being here for the kids and supporting them with school etc etc.  but just don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.   Hope this doesn’t sound like whining (you can leave that to my kids) it’s just that my routine at the moment does still feel like a temporary arrangement.   Mumma really wishes she could spend the whole day baking and singing, and feel complete, but she just can’t!!  Every woman is different, and special, and beautiful. She must find her own way of enjoying her life, while supporting her family.  IT IS NOT EASY!!  And there is no easy answer to this dilemma…

One thing is clear, I love doing this blog and networking with new people on social media.  I love writing and want to make a success of it!   There are still so many things I want to achieve with my writing career, like working on a sequel to my new book!  (While avoiding the ironing pile which is haunting me again!)  So I need to focus all my Mummy Magic into achieving all that, and stop procrastinating.. (this is my son’s favorite new word).

Well, I guess I need to man up, and go meet my friend.  Wish me Luck!!  I just know she will make me feel better…

Target:  Feel Friendship





Life’s too Short!

Mixed feelings dawned when my alarm went off this morning…

Back to normality – Yay!

Up with the lark to do pack-ups – Boo!

Now that I’ve been to my Legs, Bums and Tums; showered, washed my hair and am feeling relatively human again, it feels good to be back at the laptop, doing what I love.. Writing.

The school run this morning was pretty stress free, my son even asked me what I would be doing with my day!  This is extremely unusual and I don’t expect it to last, but it was nice to be asked for once.

I expect both the children to come home with an assortment of homework, school projects, club information, school events etc. etc. tonight.  Which I now feel I can cope with as I have had my morning Skinny Cappuccino.

My daughter was in a good mood as the Tooth Fairy delivered £2 this morning, which she had been waiting a very long time for.  Seems the cost of living has even affected the supernatural world… I only remember getting 10p!   Anyway, it put her in a good mood, and that’s good enough for me.

Isn’t it amusing how our little one’s minds work at times?  We were all sat as a family on Saturday evening watching ‘Ninja Warrior UK’, yes I know, painful.  But it is still nice that we can watch normal Saturday TV, instead of having to sit through yet another episode of ‘Adventure Time’ or ‘Uncle Grandpa’ (I mean seriously what the chuff are these about??? Whoever comes up with these random excuses for children’s viewing must be taking some seriously wicked teabags!)    Anyway, we were watching this program and my daughter pipes up “What’s that woman’s name in the frame?”.  To which we all looked at her blankly, until Daddy, (who apparently is on the same wave length… figures) replies “You mean the Mona Lisa hunny?” (Wow! – discussing Art! – in our house! – how cultured are we??!!) “Yep, that’s right… She’d be good at this”  Ummmm…. “Be good at what darling?” “Ninja Warrior silly!  Because she’s skinny!”  We all burst out into uncontrollable giggling at this point.  The fact that my daughter had thought of this painting and somehow made it applicable to Ninja Warrior, was just a classic!

Don’t ever grow up kids… please!

Now, I must ponder what to have for lunch…  You see I have a ball to go to in a couple of weeks and my darling hubby purchased a dress for me to wear.  It is lovely, but a wee bit tight!  As this do is a sit down dinner, I proclaimed to hubby I would lose the necessary Back fat in time for said event.  Ever since I said this I have felt starving, pretty much the whole time!  Why is it that as soon as we proclaim we are on some sort of diet/starvation assault course our body goes into denial mode, making us feel hungrier than we’ve ever felt before!

My HELL plan, is to basically eat Yogurt, fruit and cereal bars for breakfast and lunch, then still have a proper dinner (but with smaller portions).  I must also abstain from my sugar filled lattes and rose wine.  This is no mean feat let me tell you!!  I have even took the wine off the grocery shop this week so it’s not in the house, as my will power is not the greatest, especially when my little darlings get home….

But, to be honest, I don’t mind how slow the next couple of weeks go, as there is a far more prominent event shortly after the ball, and that’s my 45th birthday!!  How the billy-o did I get to 45!!  It is so unfair!!  This means I’m actually gonna have to tick the next box down on all questionnaires in existence on this earth.  No more a 29-44 boxer, I’m now a 45-59 boxer!!  This cannot be true!!  I still feel EXACTLY-THE-SAME as I always did as a young 20 something… apart from a few more aches, but hey ho!!  I can take solace in the fact that I am probably a hell of a lot healthier now, than I was in my earlier 20s.    Hell!  I might even live a little today and have a ryvita with my fruit!  Life is just too short!

So ladies, let’s not sulk, lets embrace our 40s, we never had it so good (if you keep saying it to yourself repeatedly in you head…so people don’t think you’ve lost it…It sounds convincing…honest!)

Target: Back to normality




Holidays End!

Well we’ve got to Friday!  The half term hols have gone in a flash as usual.  Kids have managed to fit in plenty of activities, sports clubs, sleepovers, birthday parties, and let’s not try and deny it, gaming time..  I know it’s frowned upon in mummy circles to let your kids have too much screen time, but it is a part of their life nowadays, whether we like it or not.  My son had his friend over and that’s how they enjoyed spending their time.  It is futile to resist.  The more you do, the more they want to do it.

My gaming strategy is to make sure they have shed loads of other stuff on in the holidays so that their screen time is in the lower percentages, without putting any kind of ban on it.

I always feel ashamed when other mummy’s say they have an hour limit a day on gaming time, I know my two (especially my son) have more than that most days.  It is the way they wind down after a busy day at school and I see no harm in it, as long as what they do play is appropriate for their age.  My son has recently started asking about playing games with an 18 age restriction.  My answer to this is an absolute no.  I get “But Mummy, all my mates are allowed to play Halo, why can’t I?” My response is that I don’t care about his friends, only about him, and those games are an 18 for a reason.  I have no doubt he will start to put more pressure on once he’s at secondary, but I am determined to hold out until I think he is old enough to cope with playing these games, without being consumed by them.

My husband does not help with the gaming issue.  The first thing he does when he gets home from work is play some game on his phone, or one of the kids tablets, or on the Xbox.  He is a total convert to the smartphone, which is quite amusing as up until a year ago he had a phone out of the arc that only took calls and texts – god forbid!  He resisted and resisted buying a new smartphone.  But when he did that was it, he spends most of his spare time at nights on it.  He even watches films in the middle of the night on it!  I, however have never got the gaming bug, and never really will.  I do remember playing a ‘cooking fever’ game of some description once, but soon got bored of it when I realized I couldn’t get any further without earning extra points, Gems, or whatever the hell they called them.  The constant adverts and temptation to spend money on extra goodies also did my head in.  I just don’t get it!  I know I’m SOOOO UNCOOL!!

My daughter really isn’t that bothered however, and is happier playing with her friends making potions and dressing up etc. than gaming.  Although they often put music on You Tube to dance to!

I have also got a new addiction this week – my daughter has an adult colouring book.  I had the bright idea to purchase one for myself, so we could do some crafting together, and now I’m hooked!  My hubby thinks it’s hilarious, “Knitting next is it my dear?” he pipes up, but I really am finding it quite therapeutic.  It is also a lovely way to spend time with my daughter.

Us girls also went swimming together yesterday, while my son was as Footie Camp.  It was lovely, but it made me realize how my son does help with my daughters shyness.  There was a large inflatable up in the main pool, and my daughter was umming and aahhhing as to whether to go on it.  I remember myself being very shy as a child, when it came to trying out new things with loads of other kids to contend with, but as an only child I had no siblings to hide behind.  She decided she would have a go, so she got out of the pool with me close by, but stopped short for some reason, and then changed her mind.  Now, if her brother had been there he would have had no problem with going straight on it, as he’s up for anything!  Then his sister could have followed behind.  But as it was she missed out on having a go.

Big brothers are good for some things after all!

So as the end of the holidays comes near, thoughts turn to getting things ready for school next week, and getting back to normality.  I must admit, I am ready to get back to routine… lots to do!!  God, my inner Sargent Major really needs to chillax!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Target:  Survive the holidays



Make Time This Valentines!

Momma…. Momma …. MOMMA!!!!!

This is on repeat this week as it is half term holidays.  My daughter will occasionally hit the pause button to go on her tablet and watch videos on ‘How to make a very-dangerous-looking crossbow’ from pencils, elastic bands and cocktail sticks!! Otherwise it is much of the same coco-pops constantly crunching under my feet madness!

It is only Tuesday, I really should be enjoying the lack of routine that is school hols. However I am afraid I am a creature of habit, and without routine feel rather lost and forlorn.

We do have a lot of things planned this week.  Yesterday was actually the only day on which I had planned absolutely nothing, albeit this is only the case as my son’s Tennis Camp got cancelled!

Although I do look forward to ‘do nothing’ days, I find that after the lovely lie in, they are anything but, ‘do nothing’ days.  At least for me.  I end up doing more jobs than I would usually as I haven’t got my normal routine to follow: School drop off – Exercise class -Shopping – Home to jobs – Blogging – Work on book sequel – School pick up -After school club pick up – Make tea – Extra curricular kids clubs – Home to jobs – Bath/Shower (my daughter feels baths are too babyish now) – Supper – Bed (for the kids and usually me)

Yes, I know, an exciting life for me!!! I hear you cry!!  Thing is, this is the way I like it, I am my own boss at the end of the day, so I make my own itinerary.  Yesterday however, on my ‘do nothing’ day, I ended up spending several hours sewing together the mattress of our old camp bed for my daughters friend to stay over for sleep over tonight.  Not the activity I would pick if given the choice (as if I ever have one!)…

Today, both my children have friends over, but luckily not at the same time.  Currently I am eagerly awaiting the highlight of my day,  an EON Engineer coming to fit a new Smart Meter, it is second time lucky as the first one didn’t work, so we’ll see.  These meters are meant to show you when you are using up the most electricity so I dread to think what it will uncover.  It is not rocket science really, the amount of times lights have been left on upstairs by the kids in the morning is shocking!  We normally realize once I am halfway down the drive and not in the mood to go back into the house to turn them off!

Hell hath no fury like a child scorned – by – NO ELECTRICITY FOR 60 MINUTES!!

With hindsight how I wish I hadn’t booked it during half term, the repercussions of fussy kids and altercations brewing, forces me to bring out the big guns – Board Games!!  I know we will actually have to play together!  It’s like it’s Christmas or something!!

I vaguely remember power cuts in the seventies, but we just got on with it then. Apart from having to use candlelight and missing a bit of telly it was no big deal.  I suppose it could have been worse, I could have done it when their friends were here, God Forbid!  The thing is, it may be chuffing freezing outside (as well as inside as electricity still off!) but the sun is actually shining today so they could play outside in the garden.  When I hear voices reaching fever pitch maybe I will suggest it… And then take cover!!

I (kind of) hope this meter thingy works this time..  just so we can see how much energy we are guzzling, although I sometimes think ignorance is bliss at times, however I’m sure my Accountant husband would not agree with me…

I have not forgotten that it is Valentines Day today.  My hubby and I did actually manage to get some alone time together, shopping and a meal out on Saturday, while the In-Laws kindly watched the kids.  This now, however, feels like a distant memory….  So tonight it will just be swapping of sloppy cards and a Domino’s delivered to the door!  Not everyone’s idea of romance I know, but the fact we have a girlie sleepover to deal with kind of takes the edge off the romance..

I do believe it is So So IMPORTANT!!!  To try and keep the romance alive.

As every parent knows, children will affect your relationship in one way or another, at any age.  You are no longer just a couple, you are Mummy & Daddy.  Your munchkins are your Number One priority now, so the romance does tend to take a bit of a sideline..  But I am a great believer in the mantra, you need to “Make Time” for a date night here and there.  Even though it’s easier said than done!

So, my hopes and prayers go out to all you parents out there!  May you somehow manage to “Make Time” to love.

Right, enough sentimental gloop.. Back to reality… Sounds like war has broken out between the Internet deprived siblings upstairs… When is that sodding electricity coming back on???   ARGGGHHH!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Target:  Make Time




Master Chef I Am Not!

When your child looks at you with those precious pleading eyes, there is no way you can resist.  Today my pawly princess is at home, having a duvet day. She awoke with a temperature and really bad cough, I made the decision almost immediately to keep her off.  She needs at least a day at home in the warm to recover from this bug.  My son, also had a blocked up nose but insisted he was okay to go to school.  He Loves School!  He hasn’t had a day off sick for years, so I dosed him up and got him to school.  The thing is, us parents often feel really guilty for keeping our kids off school.  With all the emphasis at school on Non-Absence Certificates, our school has bronze, silver and gold.  Kids are made to feel lacking, just because they are ill!  I can’t say I’m on board with this philosophy, if you’re sick you’re sick for god sake!!!

I even felt guilty when we stopped at the local shop on the way home, one of the shop assistants was talking to us “Oh, we’re having a day off school are we?” Making me feel like I had to explain to this complete stranger that yes, she was very sick, she was not skiving!!  I’m sure she meant well, but I still couldn’t help feeling judged!

So, here we are sat watching Junior Master Chef USA on the TV.   My two do love watching shows like this.  Competitions between kids such as The Big Spell really spark their interest, which is fine by me!  Blue Peter was probably the closest thing when I was a child to inspire and educate.

My daughter loves to cook, unfortunately I do not.  Neither am I any good at the baking phenomenon.  Although seduced by The Great British Bake Off which I was hopelessly addicted to, I have never been gifted in the art of bakery.  This has meant a few disappointing bakery session for my daughter.  She wanted to make a New Years Cake.  So I thought, I know, I’ll dig out my faithful Classic Delia book…  Yeah, well, it didn’t exactly turn out the mixture consistency I was after.  It looked a bit like scrambled egg to be honest.  So I knew it was not going to turn out very Berry-esk!

I was right!  My daughter was expecting a well risen tower of fluffiness, what we got was a flat slab of dense misery.  We persevered and it looked passable once decorated,  but it certainly would not win any competitions, not even a Junior one!  Quite amusingly however my cherub was full of advice for me, on how to improve my mixing skills.

“You didn’t mix it right Mummy, it didn’t have enough air in it!”   Good advice hey!  “You need to put some bicarbonate of soda in it next time, we used it to create air in science Mummy”, well I guess I should be relieved that she has been listening and learning at school …  “Okay, darling, next time I’ll let you read the recipe and mix, how’s that!” secretly thinking, Yep, and you can do all the cleaning up after too!

As great as these programs are, they do put a lot of pressure on us parents to be as equally brilliant in the kitchen, which I’m sorry is just not the case.   Until I had kids I really did not spend much time in the kitchen, before I met my husband I only entered the kitchen to get a Bud out of the fridge!   I guess you could say I’m self-taught. Now I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen, when my family are home anyway…  Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I do get a sense of fulfillment cooking for my family.  I just sometimes wish it was a more natural skill…

The meal I enjoy cooking the most is Sunday Roast.  It is a real family event in our house and makes me feel warm and gooey inside.  It is also one of the few meals we eat together so it feels special.  This meal does not seem like a chore, it really is a pleasure and the best thing is, all my family love it too!  Result.

My pale princess now requires attending too, Chicken Soup is on the menu me thinks!!  (Well out of a can.. but hey ho.. I can manage that!)

Target:  Play Cook


Growing up too fast!

Recently I seem to have been worrying, well, whittling really, about my son’s next big journey to secondary school.

He himself, mentioned it the other day, complaining about the fact that all his friends are off to the local grammar.

It has obviously been playing on his mind so I, vicariously, seem to have picked up the mantel of skepticism.

It is totally unwarranted really, I know this, I know I am just suffering from Mummy paranoia. When I was 11, I went to a tiny village school.  So my adventure to secondary school was a rather daunting one.  However I don’t remember feeling that scared at the time.  I just caught the bus, (on my own) walked to my new big secondary school in the town, (on my own),  and sat down with my new classmates who I didn’t know from Adam!   And I survived!  Why I don’t think my son will survive is totally unfounded whittling!  I need to stop it.

I did explain to my son about my experience, and this seemed to help him feel a little better.  But until he actually gets there and settles in there really is nothing much we can do about it!  The fact is that not ALL of his friends are going to the grammar, there will be some he knows, so he’s better off than I was to start with.  I am being a daft over-protective Mumma.  I must accept he is growing up and needs to experience life for himself (with only just a little help from Mum and Dad).

I just hope he doesn’t get lost (metaphorically speaking) at this huge school and lose his way.  I’m sure he won’t, this last year he has shown signs of turning into a young accomplished adult and we have extremely mature debates on all sorts of topic from household finance to endangered animals!  He will be fine.  I am determined to enjoy his last months at primary school, savor the fact that he is not far away from teenage-hood when the real fun begins!

Why oh why, do us adults remember so little of our own childhood experience when it comes to our kids?  I know, there are those that say there are that many more dangers now, but are there, really?  Maybe there are new internet dangers which we didn’t have access to as youngsters.  But there is also an argument that says there was not so much media hype in the seventies to spread the word to the masses, of all the dangers there are out there on the street.  We still had bullies, pedophiles, murderers, drug dealers etc etc then.  So what’s the difference now?    I was maybe lucky that I was brought up in a village environment which was a bit like living in a bubble… But my husband was brought up in the town and the kids were out playing in the street just the same.

I guess one real difference is Community, or lack thereof.  I know my neighbors by sight for a quick wave in the morning, but that is all.  We do not socialize in any shape or form.  I have no doubt some streets in the country still have the old community feel, but I am not aware of any personally.  We keep ourselves to ourselves, wrap our children up in cotton wool and hope for the best!   All my son’s activities are with clubs that have trained instructors, health and safety policies etc. etc.

I chastise myself for not letting go of the apron strings.. However my daughter has made friends with some girls at the back of us, and they play all the time.  We have even made a little gate in the fence so they can come and go into each others gardens.  So maybe this innocence of youth is not totally lost on my kids, I just wish I could be more relaxed about it!

On that note, I just need to nip to the school to give my daughter some Calpol at lunchtime… I know…. fussy Mummy strikes again!!!

Target:  Stop Whittling!

Certainly not Done!



I lurve-lurve-lurve to plan!!!

Always have, always will.  Where it is conceivably possible that is.

I now understand as a parent, planning is somewhat limited when your lil’ munchkins don’t really understand the concept.  You cannot blame babies and toddlers of course, they are far too young to comprehend the fact that mummy planned to be out of the house an hour ago, but apparently they seem to have other ideas as they decide to either poop, tantrum or smear yogurt over the walls etc. etc.

However my 2 munchkins know their mummy well enough now to know that I do not like to be late!  (hence the reason I give my hubby a leaving time of 15 minutes before we have to leave, just in case…) I also like things to go to plan..   So there is absolutely no-excuses-whatsoever!!!    Mummy has no tolerance for fighting over the milk at breakfast, fighting over the toothpaste in the bathroom, or fighting over the front seat of the car..  While Mummy is waiting (not so) patiently by the door.  Of course Mummy cannot plan the weather!!

This morning for example, the car was covered in frost.  When I walked outside, I spotted a man across the road busy de-icing the car for his wife…How thoughtful.. Also, another Mummy neighbour waves at me happily from inside her car which she just jumped straight into… as her hubby has done the same.  Mine however has not.  He did not even scrape the drivers side for me, in a half hearted attempt at helping, like he sometimes does.  Hey ho! I cannot complain, he has been fixing stuff I broke all weekend…   I’ll do it myself.  Luckily my son was in a helpful mood and scraped the windows, while I sprayed de-icer and demisted the windscreen.  While my dilatory daughter was still upstairs faffing about…  However we still managed to get to school in good time, although my poor daughter was huffing as the back wheel of her scooter was frozen.  I must admit I was huffing a bit too, due to wearing my Nike leggings for an exercise class which was a bit like wearing nothing !!

Anyway we managed it!  (Apart from my friend ringing me when I was walking back to my car to tell me the WEEH-WAH was going off in the car park – ARGGGGH)

So, back to the subject of planning, I’ve got half term all planned out!  How is it that one minute you have a lovely free week to look forward to, the next minute every-single-day you’re doing SOMETHING!!

Although I don’t really mind, my son’s at football and tennis club camps which means he won’t be on the XBOX all week…  My daughter however doesn’t do clubs, so that means Mummy has to keep her occupied all week – WOOHOO!!  At least we can do shopping and girly stuff I suppose.

So, in preparation for the half term week ahead I thought it only right and proper to book myself in for another massage this week, you know, just to de-stress…..Well that’s the least I deserve.. surely??  My annual trip to the day spa isn’t planned in until the end of the month after all…

Come to think of it, I really need to plan in a trip to the hairdressers soon too …  This is the sort of planning I lurve-lurve-lurve!!

Target: Get Planning!





Talk about feeling like a helpless woman!!!

I arrived back at my car after school run this morning, double clicked my key fob… nothing happened … Uh oh ..  What the bejeezes do I do?

Luckily I had a very knowledgeable, not helpless, friend with me.  She told me to use the key the old fashioned way instead.  If I had been on my own, no doubt I would have had a panic attack and automatically tried to ring my husband!  Luckily however, this worked, but when my friend tried to open the passenger door,  WEEH WAAH WEEH WAAH !!!  The alarm starts going off, so all eyes are on the helpless woman in the car park!  Once again my friend comes to the rescue, I stupidly get out of the car in a fluster, and she sensibly and calmly tells me to put my key in the ignition and turn!  This does the trick and the alarm is silent once more…

I then find another button on my door to manually open the passenger door so my savior friend can get in!   I was so lucky that she was there otherwise I would have been deeply embarrassed.  My husband would probably have been too god damn busy to answer the phone and I would probably have ended up walking home whilst huffing and puffing at how useless I am!   I did think it strange this morning when I tried to roll down the drivers side window and it did nothing, me thinks it could be related…  luckily it is the weekend so my Hubby will hopefully sort for me.  I like things to just WORK!!!

Oh, on that subject, the mystery of my broken washing machine was also solved, much to my embarrassment.  As soon as I told hubby, he sighed and said “You’ve done this before you know…” straight away it dawned, I’d only gone and moved something on the worktop in the utility room and switched it off at the plug!!  What a mug am I??  I amaze myself at times with my mindless antics.  Oh well at least maybe next time… I’ll remember??  “Doubt it” I hear hubby cry!

On a plus note for a Friday, Ironing is done!  Hurrah!  I have also managed to catch up with the ole Wifely duties and cleaned the house today.  A great feeling of satisfaction should spread through me like a wave…  Until the kids are home and wreck it again.. Hey ho, a brief wave is good enough!

Also, the paperback version of my new book has arrived!  It actually seems real now, I have achieved the one goal I have had for as long as I can remember.  It is a physical, tangible thing in my hand, which I should be proud of!  Only trouble is, I feel the pressure building now to write a sequel, it is rising inside of me and will not let go.

Time to put myself under pressure again… beats Ironing anyway!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Target:  Feel Accomplished!