Wifely Duties

Okay, so apart from the fact my Washing Machine is on the blink!!!  (I amazed myself by actually going into the garage to check the flick switches – get me !!) And the fact I had to carry a shoe box full of rocks to school… Today isn’t too bad so far.

My book (quick plug.. see my contact page for details..) has now been published in paperback and I know I’m sad but I ordered myself a couple of copies this morning.. EEEEEKKK!!   Gotta keep something to show the Grandkids eh?  Also, showing my children a physical tangible thing might make them realize what a BIG DEAL this is for Mummy!!!!

I have also managed to set up a Facebook page to promote my book which was very user friendly to be honest – if I can do it anybody can!!  Trust me.  I might have worked in IT in a previous life, but as anyone I have worked with will tell you, I am not technical in any shape or form!!  I am jolly lucky that hubby is talented in that department, otherwise I doubt I’d even have a laptop!  The thing is,  I just want stuff to WORK!!  I meekly surfed through a kitchen drawer this morning, when I had tried to switch on the washing machine and there was nothing.. totally dead.  To my surprise I did manage to find the paperwork, for troubleshooting etc.  However surprise surprise… It did not help!

I am not looking forward to calling on my hubby tonight, otherwise known as “Fix It Daddy”, when he rolls in at some ungodly hour… to tackle the issue.  I’m afraid I am rather an embarrassment to Girl Power when it comes to fixing stuff!  Before hubby I would call on my poor ole Granddad to fix anything that went wrong.  He even used to mow my lawn.  I know, I’m shameful!!!   I’ve just never been any good at the “fixing stuff”, well I don’t know whether I would have been good at it, cos I’ve always got a bloke to do it.  Sorry Ladies.. My Bad!

Trouble is, I’m not much good at my “Wifely duties” (so called by my husband) either.  When we were both working I kind of had the excuse that I didn’t have the time to fit everything in!  Especially when the kids were little.  However, now of course – Oooppss – No excuse!!

Although of course I can always defend myself “Sorry Darling I didn’t manage to clean the windows today as I’ve had my head in my writing ALL DAY LONG!”  Yeah, that sounds feasible..  Oh Well!  He certainly didn’t marry me for my Domestic Goddess Qualities…

I was planning on doing the Ironing today… but… I really must start working on my Sequel!!  The world demands it!!  Well maybe not, but I can dream..

Target:  Ironing etc. etc. etc.

Definitely Not Done!




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