Life is Good…

I feel the need today to shout from the rooftops!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!  I know I shouldn’t get carried away, as life always seems to send the the oddest curve balls when you least expect it, but for today at least, I really do feel that life is good!

In the aftermath of publishing my book last week I am feeling extremely positive about the future.  No matter what School Projects are thrown at me!

Actually to be fair, hubby helps out an awful lot with the ole School Projects.  We get at least one each per term, (usually more for my son in Year 6) and it is generally ‘Daddy’ who likes to get creative..  It always makes me laugh, that on the letters that come home it is clear that this is YOUR CHILD’S PROJECT – NOT YOURS!!  However if you have a child that is not necessarily gifted in the creative spectrum, it is very difficult just to leave them to it quite frankly!!!

I understand the school give out these projects in order to tick the boxes in the current ever-expanding curriculum for each child, but to be honest, often it just gives the parents MORE grey hairs, attempting to get their kids to get their ‘artistic’ talents to shine through!!

The latest one, is the Coastline-in-a-Shoe box…  Well what a cracking idea…  Where do they get these god damn ideas from!!!   Daddy has helped my son with this one.  It actually looks absolutely fab, but what Daddy forgets to take into consideration is the fact that Mummy has to carry the blessed thing all the way to school in the morning.  Which is going to be a tad difficult when it is full of chuffin rocks!!!  Hey ho, I just hope it is not raining, otherwise the coastline will end up melting onto the pavement through the soggy shoe box.

I much prefer when they give the children a choice which sort of medium of presentation they want to use i.e. Power point, paper etc..

It gives the child a fighting chance of actually being able to create their own masterpiece, using skills they actually possess!

My daughter came up with a great idea for her project, the topic is Rivers and Waterways..  She pipes up “Mummy, I’ve got a fantastic idea for my project!” Wow, I think, independent thinking – steady on!!  “I’m going to take a tub full of water and say it’s a reservoir.” “Yes darling, and…” “And what?” (looking very perturbed at this point that I dare to question her idea) “Well what else?” “No, that’s it, easy peasy!”  I can just imagine her teachers face if she strolls in with the washing up bowl full of water expecting a gold star!!  Me thinks we need to re-think this one…

Any hoo!  Hoping the year continues in this vain, I am determined not to take Anyone or Anything for granted!  Life is just too short!

Target:  Appreciate Life!




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