Have any of you lot ever nipped upstairs for something and once you’re there, your memory just goes absolutely and completely BLANK!   What is THAT all about?

I am sure it didn’t happen in my twenties, thirties maybe.. but I just put that down to baby brain, where your lack of sleep results in a zombie like state from which there is no escape.

But now there is no excuse, except getting OLDER!!  Yes it’s inevitable and yes it happens to the best of us, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

Today, I topped that by actually just walking from the lounge to the kitchen, and .. ermmm..what was it I came in here for… errrmmm… nope.. it’ll come, it’ll come – NOPE! It’s not coming, oh well, I head back then AH-HA! I remember now.  It was only to put the flipping heating on!   Nightmare!

I have always been a fan of lists… a “natural organizer” my Granddad, God Rest, had said.  It is very true.  I have always loved organizing, it is where my true “happy place” resides.  Whether it be organizing the kids, a project at work, or a weekend away with the girls.  It’s all good, that’s my comfort zone.  But now, lists are not just a nice comfort, they are an absolute necessity!

Try explaining this to my seat-of-his-pants, late for everything, the-opposite-of-planner husband however, is a never ending battle.  “Can you get me some deodorant please darling?” “Is it on the list” I have on playback… “No, it’s in your head now, that’s good enough”.  Well not anymore… my memory is definitely not what it was.  Not that I’m in the realms of dementia just yet, but it is always safer to write ABSOLUTELY-EVERYTHING-DOWN!

My daughter is definitely starting to embody the very female skills of organisation, and she never forgets her water bottle, PE Bag, Sponsorship form etc. etc.  My son however astounds me with his ability to forget everything that he needs, almost every day.  Hey ho, looks like he has got my husbands genes to blame for that.

I also find, I don’t actually have as much space in my mind as I used to have.  We all know multi-tasking is a female trait.  I think I watched some science program where they claimed it had something to do with the parts of the brain that females use the most.  This trait however is not assisted by the fact I cannot fit as much stuff in my brain these days!

Today for example, I was planning on taking a day off the blog, just so I didn’t have so much going on in my head.  I decided however that the opportunity to unload my head in my blog was just what the doctor ordered!   When I woke up I had the following clogging up my mind:

  1.  Usual stuff to get kids to school (including PE bag for Robbie with football socks)
  2. Trade in Grimm DVDs from last Christmas, as my husband bought me them twice.
  3. Get hubby’s favorite sausages from the butchers.
  4. Collect Son’s new school trousers as he looks like he’s wearing plus fours!
  5. Buy paints for son’s school project: Coastline in a shoe box – marvelous – which has to be in next week – ARGGGHH!
  6. Buy pet food and new toy for cat, as she’s bored with her other ones.
  7. Write blog for the day when I get home.
  8. Catch up on social media.. Twitter… Facebook…. Instagram….
  9. Search for book cover AGAIN!  And try not to get duped this time…
  10. Upload book to Kindle for self publishing review.
  11. Get back into writing 2nd book, so can follow up on Kindle.
  12. Oh yeah, and book Eden Hall health spa for me and the girlies!

I think that’s about it… aaahhhhh…. that’s better, it’s all downloaded now.  See what I mean – nightmare!!!  I hope most of the ladies out there can relate, maybe now hubby will understand why I need a list!

That in mind, I am only up to number 7, (I think I’ll jump to number 12..)and need to pick kids up in 3 hours so best get on!

Target:  Download Memory



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