Get Involved!

Today is one of those rare days I get to be involved in my child’s learning at the school.

Year 4 are going on a river walk!  Yeah!

Yes, my daughters year group is venturing out of the school grounds and walking along a river for a couple of hours as part of their project work for this term.  Although I am of course happy to be included in such outings, it also fills me with dread coping with over 100 year 4 children for the afternoon.   Strange I know, as I did have a stint myself working in a school setting, however working at a school and volunteering are 2 totally different animals.

As a volunteer you are there first and foremost to ‘help out’ and the teaching staff are always profoundly grateful for any help they can get!  However, for me, it is actually more difficult now that I have worked in a school, as my urge to correct can often overwhelm me.  This makes things difficult, not being a member of staff I do not really feel it is my place to impose sanctions.  I will of course use positive re-enforcement as a method to control any situation which may arise, but it is very strange to be in this kind of pseudo-responsible position.

I know I’m over thinking it, I do love doing stuff like this with my children, even if it is below zero outside!!!

No doubt there will be other parents there, with no qualms at all about dealing with the kids.  I need to relax a bit I think and just act like a Mummy who is helping out, out of the goodness of her heart… Well sort of.

Back to this morning however… My head is still reeling from trying to download a chuffing book cover from the internet.  I have been duped out of a dollar so far, to be told I only have licence to this cover for 23 hours!!  What shall they do if I use it after this?  It is downloaded on my laptop now, if I did use it would Black Ninjas jump out of the sky and march me off to some Overlord of Images for my punishment!!! It is all very confusing, so I will have to go back to the drawing board.

I have always wanted to write a book, so I took the opportunity last year, whilst not in gainful employment, to do so.  My school volunteering kind of went on hold during this time, much to the annoyance of my daughter’s Teacher who had asked me to do readers for them.  She has always been a bit aloof since then…  It does amuse me when those in full time employment cannot understand why those of us labelled ‘Full Time Mums’ (FTM for short) do not have the time to ‘work for nothing!’ to do their bit for the community.  Well, I’m sorry but us FTMs do have a life of our own too you know!  With hope and dreams and goals etc. etc.   (Apologies rant mode over!)

ANYWAYS UP ..I have finished my manuscript and sent it off to Literary Agents far and wide but to no avail.  One can assume after 6 weeks and no word that they do not consider me the next J K Rowling…So I have come to the conclusion that self-publishing is the way to go.

I am a bit of a read-a-holic and download several books/samples from Kindle each week.  I do find it very irritating when I find spelling or grammar mistakes in any books, so I AM trying to be doubly sure that my book, whether it excites people or not, is at least in proper English!  The trouble is, I often have several books unfinished, it takes a lot for me to be gripped by any novel.    So to try and write a book which you don’t want to put down is no mean feat, let me tell you!

Rights, I gotta go now, lunchings before school outing.  I don’t think the Christmas Cake I ate for breakfast will sustain me all day..  At least I’ll get some exercise!!

Target:  Get Involved!



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