This morning was pretty typical for a Monday..

Managed to drag myself out of bed while it is pitch dark and everyone else is still snoring away in dreamland.. how nice for them.

Made up all the pack-ups and school bags, moved clarinet case and football boots/socks, near the door.  Fed the cat and let her out into the absolutely FREEZING!! morning.

Went back upstairs and awoke the children who were full of the joys of spring.. NOT!!!

My son just tends to get on with stuff, really quietly and slowly… perfect for me.

My daughter however, snuggles down in our bed, and it takes her at least 15 minutes just to get her tights on!  So I constantly berate her to hurry herself up, to no avail.

Hubby then gets up, does his thing in the bathroom and leaves.

I leave the children having their breakfast while I go outside and put everything in the car and defrost the windows.  My son comes out to help .. bless him … although I end up spending 5 minutes searching in his bag for his gloves before he could actually help.  But it’s the thought that counts.

When I return indoors my daughter is not doing bad for her… she has put her arse in gear.. kind of.. and is just brushing her teeth.  When she comes downstairs she moans at me to shut the front door as it is “Very Chilly Mummy!”…you don’t say….  To which I calmly reply “No, you need to CHOP CHOP Missy!!”.  Which in fairness she then does.

So off the school we go.  I am feeling okay at this point, we are in reasonable time to get through traffic.  However, as I am kitted out in my ‘Just Do It’ leggings ready for my Exercise class this morning, by legs are like icicles.  I try to stay positive… whispering the mantra in my head… ‘It is worth it….it is worth it…”


I park up and the kids jump on their scooters, I find this is a much quicker way to get to school and it encourages me to get a shift on too.  However this morning, my children were determined to argue with each other every-single-step-of-the-way to school.  My daughter screeches at her brother “I want to stay with mummy! You go past!” “No, you go past!” “Get off the back of my scooter you idiot!” “I am not on the back of your scooter you loser!”.. And so it continued…

At one point my daughter stopped dead, right in the middle of the narrowest path on earth with a gazillion parents and children behind us!  Then my son stops directly behind her and won’t budge.  At this point I loose it and physically move my son around my daughter and bellow that they will NOT be allowed their scooters tomorrow morning!!

As my children quietly but quickly scooted up to the school gates I then got the Mumma guilt from bellowing at them, and shunting my son up the path.

I cannot help this guilt thing, it dawns almost straight after any incident with the children where I get stressed out and loose it.  I almost feel that I have failed as a Calm Collected Modern Mummy who does not shout at her children as she needs to be a respected role model for her little darlings.

Anyway, I hugged my son goodbye “Your breath stinks!” he smiled, great, oh well seems like he’s forgiven me…

My daughter however, in true diva style, remains with a face like a spanked arse for the next 5 minutes while we wait for the door to open.  Then it does.

Wonderful, well wasn’t that fun.  Just a typical Monday morning I hear you cry!

Well, now for more of ‘the fun’.. Legs, Bums and Tums here I come!

Happy Mondays!!

Target:  Monday Morning Mantra


2 thoughts on “Mondays!

  1. Love it! Sounds oh so familiar but with one less child and a dog and when one is trying to remain calm amongst other “perfect” mothers at the sacred school gate is at times very challenging x

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