Ok, I really thought I was rocking a genius anthem today!  As my very-expensive-but-looks-really-cool Cordless vacuum had decided to intermittently cut out.  On the advice of a friend who is also a vacuum junkie, I searched the internet for answers.  There was plenty of advice on YouTube, however none of it actually worked..

Still I persevered (which for me is not the usual) and managed to unblock all the dust in all the crevices and got it working!  This is a first for me, I’m afraid I’m one of these Mums who normally waits for Daddy to get home and bombard him with what I’ve managed to ‘break’ today.  So I felt extremely proud.. although a bit miffed as this means I had no excuse but to vacuum the whole house as we would probably all be consumed in a cloud of toxic dust otherwise.

I have always envied those people labelled ‘clean-a-holics’ who actually ENJOY housework and spend several hours a day making sure their house is as clean and germ free as humanly possible.  It is not that our house is dirty, but I must admit to some weeks doing the absolute minimum to maintain a tidy house.  (Except for the bathrooms, with my family’s digestive traits, they must be maintained on daily basis…or risk some kind of stink pollution!)

Feeling truly pleased with myself I then decide to do some research on the internet with regards to downloading your own images and designs.  There were many links to ‘professionals’ who could do this for you to create ebook covers and blog backdrops, all for a FEE of course…

Then I saw FREE FREE FREE design… ummm that looks suspicious, surely they can’t be completely free, how do they make any money?  Anyway I investigated the site further and so far so good.  I managed to download what looked like a top-notch design with my own text and backdrop … COOL!   There was a nagging voice however telling me that this was WAY too easy!

And, surprise, surprise, once I’d saved my design and attempted to download it into the format I needed, up pops a payment box!  Why do I always get seduced by these things! I’m sure I’m not the only one…  Of course I haven’t bought it, I need to do more research, but I expect I will end up giving in just to get what I want.

So, at this point feeling the opposite of genius, I decide to make my lunch in these gimmicky bread pocket thingys.. which seemed like a good idea at the time, and of course they were on offer.  Well when I put them in the toaster it seemed to be going well, the cat was whining at my feet so I thought I had better let her out to avoid her ‘litter box’ ablutions and cause myself more work..  So I went to let her out..

What’s that smoke?  Oh god… yep you’ve guessed it smoke was pouring out of the top of the toaster as I had ‘overfilled’ the pocket with cheese which was now burning.  I rushed to pop the toaster and then it took me several minutes (and burns) to get the burnt pockets out of the said toaster.  Great.

Once I had cleaned up my mess I did still eat them, although they looked more like black pancakes than pockets.

So, it seems I haven’t got my genius gig on today after all.  Never mind…at least life is never boring.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Target:  Invoke Genius Gene

Nope!     Not today…


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