Budgeting in style!

Hello there my lovelies!!  I am back on form today, the antibiotics have started to kick in and I’m feeling more like myself.  Thank Goodness!!

Got too much to do!  Did my normal thing this morning though…  popped off to Sainsburys as we have friends coming over for tea.  I’d just planned to pick up a few bits, as you do…  WRONG!!

I did my usual… Right, that will do for the 4 kids I need to feed, with some lovely cakes shaped into mice for tea, perfect.  I did feel like a cheater though, hardly home cooked when the veg are all pre-chopped and ready for the microwave, but hey ho!  It’s still Veg!

Now for the adults… ummm Wine, we need Wine.  Oh and maybe a few snacks…

AH-HA!  oh, that handbag looks nice, oooooo.. with a matching scarf!!  What’s that over there.. ah yes.. jumper dresses, can never have too many of those, especially in this weather… brrr….

Well, now that my trolley was full of ready chopped veg, wine, handbag and clothes, off to the checkout..  this is really budgeting in style – NOT!  Oh god!  About trice what I’d planned.  Best not mention this to the old man.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, even my son knows what I’m like.  Whenever we pop to the shops together, (which I try to avoid wherever possible) he’ll pipe up “So what’s on your list Mummy? ” and as I continue to pop things in the trolley he’ll check up on me, “No Mummy, that’s not on the list!” It’s like having a mini hubby looking over my shoulder.

Similarly, all day on Saturday my husband was working from home, he refused to put the heating on, so he and my son were sat downstairs in coats, hats and scarfs!  Then the following day when hubby had to go into the office I put the heating on… my son was very offended!  “Mummy, that’s a waste of money!  Just put your scarf on!”  I then had to explain to my son that I refuse to walk around the house with icicles hanging off my nose just to save a few quid!  However all this said, I have just had a lovely email from our electricity provider to say our monthly bill is going up by 20 quid!  So best keep all those lights switched off!

I have often been seduced by these offers to opt into an energy auction to save pounds on your bills, but I’ve always dipped out at the last minute.  I just like to be in control of my own destiny as it were, so prefer dealing direct with the energy companies.  No matter what claims these energy groups make.  Maybe I’m cutting my nose off to spite my face (wow that’s an old one… showing my age!) but it’s just the control freak side of my nature!

Well I best get on with getting the house ready for my guests, although the flipping-god-damn-expensive cordless vacuum is on the blink again!  Will I ever learn…

Target:  Budget with Style.

Done – NOT!!

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