Pity Me!

Well, today couldn’t have been much different to my lovely pampering day yesterday, it has been RUBBISH!

I spent the whole night tossing and turning with an irritating EYE INFECTION!!!

When I awoke it looked like I’d done 10 rounds with Tyson ! (Well, slight exaggeration..)

My eye was all puffed up, with lovely gooey stuff weeping out of the side, MAGIC!!

So I’ve basically wasted the day as I spent HOURS… waiting to speak to a doctor on the phone; then getting an appointment with the nurse; then going to see the nurse; then waiting for the doctor because the nurse needed her opinion!!!  Lets just say it took some time….

I now have antibiotics..marvelous!!  Of course the first thing I did was check if I can still drink alcohol… it doesn’t say…. how annoying!!!  Surely it would say if it was dangerous wouldn’t it??  Typical.

Of course hubby was full of his normal sympathy for my plight, his words were “well don’t fiddle with it you will make it worse” and that was it.  I should know not to get any comforting words from him, as when he is pawly he just talks to no one and wants absolutely no sympathy!  He therefore gives none, well to me anyway.

The kids were lovely though, my daughter looked into my eye with concern and said “just keep them closed all day mummy”, so I proceeded to tell her it would be a bit difficult to get her to school with my eyes closed, “I don’t mind ” she responds.  Nice try honey.

My son just said “Make sure you go to the doctors Mum”, which was sweet.  It is nice to know I have installed the gift of empathy into my children at least.

Suffice to say I have done nothing I planned to do today.  Washing, ironing, shopping, cleaning, exercise etc etc will just have to wait until tomorrow.  So many apologies for short blog today…if Teach were to mark my work today her words would be in big red pen “Must Do Better!”

Target:  Avoid Self Pity

Done.  (Well almost..)





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