Pamper me!

Now, I don’t want people thinking I can afford this everyday, because I definitely cannot, but I treated myself to a FABULOUS Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage today at a local beauty salon (using some Christmas money I might add).

Every woman should have one of these periodically, in fact I think it should be on the next government manifesto (hey check me out – politics!) that every woman in the country should be entitled to a treatment a month to make sure she is sufficiently chilled out to run the country (here’s looking at you Theresa May).  What do you think?  Think she’d go for it?

A good argument could be that if the woman of every household is not functioning on all cylinders as it were, then there will be no future!!  Everyone understands that the female psyche can be restored with a bit of pampering!! Well, we can but dream…

To be serious for a moment, I am quite encouraged by the number of females obtaining powerful roles on the world stage.  It does seem that we are moving in the right direction and many women are flourishing.  However on the flip side of that, I have read article upon article in the media where, in some countries women are still regarded as the lowest of the low, and the way that they are treated is totally incomprehensible to someone from middle England.  It is a world of contradictions and I have utter respect for women who have suffered and survived a life of torment.  We should feel truly humbled by these women and very thankful for our own privileges.

Right, enough of the serious, onto my precious family…

Especially after my daughters comments this morning “Why is your bum so squidgy mummy?” to which I calmly reply “It has always been like that darling”

My husband then decides to correct this statement with “Oh no it hasn’t!” – Yeah, thanks for the pantomime response hubby, that makes me feel real confident about my body image!  He obviously doesn’t want any tea to materialize tonight.  One thing he is very good at, is pressing my buttons!!  And not in a good way I might add.  I can’t speak for others but I certainly find that my husband takes extreme pleasure out of winding me up at any opportunity.  You would think by now that he would understand doing this does not encourage Mummy to heed to his every need (yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

He is also as tight as my spandex!  He mentioned we should go out together for a date night some time soon.  What a lovely thought you cry!  Yes, well it would be,but when I suggested we go out on Valentine’s night, he was extremely adamant that we will not!  To be fair to him it’s not just because prices are increased by 100%, but also he hate’s crowds and waiting…  On Valentine’s night it is true that due to high demand you are often in a reduced time slot in some restaurants and it can feel like you’re on a bit of a Cupids assembly line!   So I guess I’ll have to pin him down to another night..

Anyway, all this talk of pampering and nights out has put me in the mood to book my annual girlie trip to a Health Spa!!  I know, but it’s only once a year…

“Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you’ll see into your imagination…  “

Target:  Feel Pampered




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