Motivate me!

After spending the weekend trying (and failing) to persuade my husband it would be a great investment to buy an Exercise Machine that claims to simulate climbing a mountain!(Not likely I know but the advert was very seductive…)  I realized that I really must make the effort to resume my exercise classes.

My 8 year old daughter was hilarious, when I was discussing the potential purchase, I told her Daddy probably wouldn’t let me buy it.  Her words were “Buy it Mummy, don’t worry about Daddy, it’s not always about him you know”, bless her, Daddy would probably respond politely by saying, “It rarely is about me”, but he wasn’t there so crisis averted!  She then proclaimed “I can be your trainer Mummy!”  This is my fault for letting her watch weight loss programs like the Biggest Loser.  Maybe it might give her some incentives though… or totally go the other way and make her grown up self resist exercise at all costs!   After this she tried on her new Gymnastics gear (she only started classes last week) and proceeded to practice the bridge.  At least this means I must be doing something right to encourage her towards a healthy lifestyle..  for now.

It was not easy to drag myself along to Legs, Bums and Tums this morning (in capitals because they’re all big), with every ounce of my unfit being crying inside.  But I went.

We all know how fab we feel once the class is over…  but today I actually really enjoyed it too!  It may be the fact I haven’t been for over 6 weeks, so I’m in another kind of honeymoon period, but I haven’t enjoyed myself like that for ages!  Suffice to say that I will be returning on a weekly basis in a vain endeavor to sculpt my bum and tum!

Joining a class for the first time is rather synonymous with your first day at school.  Albeit everyone else in the class have been going for sometime, so as a result when you walk in you are sure you must be sporting some vile disfigurement as all eyes are on you.  Although the bubbly class tutor welcomes you with open arms, the rest of the class view you with the same disdain as you might employ a giant squid.  It is not intentional I’m sure.  When I joined there were a few faces I recognized from the playground who smiled generously at me and now might even have a little chat, so it isn’t that bad.  It just strikes me as ironic that the same daunting feelings we might have experienced at school can still surface, in all adult situations where we are out of our comfort zone, with a situation that is unfamiliar.   This is maybe why we often try to drag a reluctant friend along, just for moral support whenever we try something new.

So, due to my focus on being ‘Super Mum’ with sculpted thighs today, I kind of forgot to get anything in for Tea while at the shops (did remember wine and snacks though.. well I deserve it after all that sweat!) and now quite frankly.. CANNOT BE BOTHERED to go back to the shop.  I will have to improvise (frozen pizza in the freezer?  Although he doesn’t like pizza – I know – Bonkers!!  Maybe have to grill some chicken…), the husband will never know I quavered… Mum The Magician to the rescue!!

Target:  Get Motivated!









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