Today is one of those days where I realize what a Blessing it is to be a full time Mum.

I thought we’d got away with it when we awoke this morning, but when I heard my son shouting “Snow, Snow, it’s Snow!!!!!” at the top of his voice like a maniac, I kind of figured I was wrong.

The kids were not quite so happy when I told them we would be walking to school today as Mummy does not like driving when it’s icy!  I know, I’m a wuss!!  The thing is, it really is one of my big fears.  As anyone whose known me for a number of years will tell you, I would never drive to work if there was a hint of snow.  I was also the first in the office to “leave early” where necessary.  Due to the nature of my job there was a lot of travelling and the head office was still 50 minutes from home on a good day!  This meant that if the sneaky white stuff appeared when I awoke, I would be on the phone to car share to avoid getting behind the wheel in a flash!

So off we went down the snowy, blistery road, wellies on, scarfs, gloves etc. etc. on. waving at neighbours leaving in their cars who you can bet were thinking “are they mad??” Children moaning their legs hurt, cheeks hurt, everything hurt… you get the picture.

My son then decides it would be a good idea to throw a very icy snow ball at Mummy – bad decision!!    This is where grumpy Mummy surfaces, and calmly tells her son that it is not the time for snowballs as we have to get to school sharpish!  I know, I’m miserable aren’t I, but I cannot stand the stuff!!  I think the problem is that we hardly ever get it, so are so totally unprepared for it.  The only time I like it is when I’m looking out of the window from my nice warm sofa, glass of wine in hand.

The funny thing is, as a child I remember every winter being a snowy wonderland.  I lived out in the country then and it was a wonderful world of sledging to school, building snowmen and frolicking in the snow drifts.  I know I probably have a slightly amiss and distorted rosy view of these times, but it does not explain why now, I turn into the Mother from Hell when I have to get my boots wet!

The lovely thing about today however, was that when we finally got to the school, on the nose I might add!!  It was my daughters class assembly, so I got to watch her class WOW us with their interpretation of the Prodigal Son.  I love this bit.  I missed too many of these events when I was working, and that is a big regret of mine.  I really do consider it a blessing that I can support my children in their endeavors without work demands getting in the way. Also as a bonus, I don’t have to rush off to work on snowy roads afterwards.  I did however have to walk back home, but at least that means that the guilty conscience demon that sits on mummy’s shoulder constantly murmuring “Exercise….exercise….” can be quietened down.  I must have walked 2 whole miles!!  For me that’s an achievement.  I will be going back to my Legs Bums and Tums on Monday though… honest!

Target:  Feel Blessed












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