Why Magic?

Okay, so I do have the hat and the black cat, but alas no, I’m not really magic..    I am however a Mum whose 10 year old son still thinks she is!!

His words to me the other day “You must be magic Mummy, you always know where everything is.”

This I do, it is a talent I have refined over the years as a Mum of 2, and Wife of 1.

Hence the inspiration for the name of my blog site, “Mum The Magician”.  I have been thinking about beginning a blog for some time, after reading so many similar “mummy blogs” and being able to relate to each of these mums with their colorful anecdotes, I figured it was about time I started my own.

It is also a kind of personal therapy for me to download my mind of all the bric-a-brac of life which builds up on a daily basis.

So, where do I begin…

To introduce myself, I am a 44 year old full time mum at present.  I made the decision to take a break from the treadmill last year and concentrate on trying to kick start a writing career.   After just a few months of trying to motivate myself, already I am beginning to feel as if I really need to get back into a conventional job.  This, however, is easier said than done when I am determined to continue performing my school run duties.

Whenever I see articles on the pros and cons of being a Full time mum vs Full time Working mum, or Part time Working mum, it really makes me cringe.  I myself have done all 3 and cannot say any of them are ideal.  You just have to find the one that makes you and your family the most happy.

At the moment my kids and husband are very happy as I am around 24/7 to support them, no worries about sick days or school events to attend, or school trips to volunteer on.  I can do them all.  However in the time that I do have to myself, when I’m not doing all the other wifely duty stuff, I am finding it increasingly difficult to feel useful or have any sort of purpose.  I also have this unyielding guilt about not earning, re-wind 17 years when I first got together with my husband and I was the main bread winner for many years with a reasonably successful job as a Business Analyst.  I find it quite alien not to be contributing to the family pot, as it were, even though of course I am contributing with my heart and soul.  It doesn’t feel enough.

So, that’s where I am at present, well that’s where I think I am, I feel like I’m drifting around in a bubble most of the time, it’s quite disconcerting.  When my only deadlines are homework and pick up time, rather than go-lives and budget preparation, it’s quite a contrast.

Hey ho!   Today has actually been a rather more exciting day than most.  My inner Project Manager has been placated, for now anyway..

Target:    Launch Blog.









4 thoughts on “Why Magic?

  1. Done a fab job there honey! Good luck with whatever you choose to land on next. Xxx Love Jenn S, an equally Magic Mum (even I don’t know how I do it!).


  2. Well done you. I didn’t know you were thinking of doing this. Being at home every day without a full
    schedule can lead to feelings of worthlessness. So make sure every day has a purpose, even if the goal is to finish that good book or start reading that classic you never had time to before. Knitting is fun too and very satisfying .
    I’ve just read this again and it may sound as if I’m writing tongue in cheek but I’m not.
    I remember knowing where everything was!
    Good luck


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