Wifely Duties

Okay, so apart from the fact my Washing Machine is on the blink!!!  (I amazed myself by actually going into the garage to check the flick switches – get me !!) And the fact I had to carry a shoe box full of rocks to school… Today isn’t too bad so far.

My book (quick plug.. see my contact page for details..) has now been published in paperback and I know I’m sad but I ordered myself a couple of copies this morning.. EEEEEKKK!!   Gotta keep something to show the Grandkids eh?  Also, showing my children a physical tangible thing might make them realize what a BIG DEAL this is for Mummy!!!!

I have also managed to set up a Facebook page to promote my book which was very user friendly to be honest – if I can do it anybody can!!  Trust me.  I might have worked in IT in a previous life, but as anyone I have worked with will tell you, I am not technical in any shape or form!!  I am jolly lucky that hubby is talented in that department, otherwise I doubt I’d even have a laptop!  The thing is,  I just want stuff to WORK!!  I meekly surfed through a kitchen drawer this morning, when I had tried to switch on the washing machine and there was nothing.. totally dead.  To my surprise I did manage to find the paperwork, for troubleshooting etc.  However surprise surprise… It did not help!

I am not looking forward to calling on my hubby tonight, otherwise known as “Fix It Daddy”, when he rolls in at some ungodly hour… to tackle the issue.  I’m afraid I am rather an embarrassment to Girl Power when it comes to fixing stuff!  Before hubby I would call on my poor ole Granddad to fix anything that went wrong.  He even used to mow my lawn.  I know, I’m shameful!!!   I’ve just never been any good at the “fixing stuff”, well I don’t know whether I would have been good at it, cos I’ve always got a bloke to do it.  Sorry Ladies.. My Bad!

Trouble is, I’m not much good at my “Wifely duties” (so called by my husband) either.  When we were both working I kind of had the excuse that I didn’t have the time to fit everything in!  Especially when the kids were little.  However, now of course – Oooppss – No excuse!!

Although of course I can always defend myself “Sorry Darling I didn’t manage to clean the windows today as I’ve had my head in my writing ALL DAY LONG!”  Yeah, that sounds feasible..  Oh Well!  He certainly didn’t marry me for my Domestic Goddess Qualities…

I was planning on doing the Ironing today… but… I really must start working on my Sequel!!  The world demands it!!  Well maybe not, but I can dream..

Target:  Ironing etc. etc. etc.

Definitely Not Done!




Life is Good…

I feel the need today to shout from the rooftops!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!  I know I shouldn’t get carried away, as life always seems to send the the oddest curve balls when you least expect it, but for today at least, I really do feel that life is good!

In the aftermath of publishing my book last week I am feeling extremely positive about the future.  No matter what School Projects are thrown at me!

Actually to be fair, hubby helps out an awful lot with the ole School Projects.  We get at least one each per term, (usually more for my son in Year 6) and it is generally ‘Daddy’ who likes to get creative..  It always makes me laugh, that on the letters that come home it is clear that this is YOUR CHILD’S PROJECT – NOT YOURS!!  However if you have a child that is not necessarily gifted in the creative spectrum, it is very difficult just to leave them to it quite frankly!!!

I understand the school give out these projects in order to tick the boxes in the current ever-expanding curriculum for each child, but to be honest, often it just gives the parents MORE grey hairs, attempting to get their kids to get their ‘artistic’ talents to shine through!!

The latest one, is the Coastline-in-a-Shoe box…  Well what a cracking idea…  Where do they get these god damn ideas from!!!   Daddy has helped my son with this one.  It actually looks absolutely fab, but what Daddy forgets to take into consideration is the fact that Mummy has to carry the blessed thing all the way to school in the morning.  Which is going to be a tad difficult when it is full of chuffin rocks!!!  Hey ho, I just hope it is not raining, otherwise the coastline will end up melting onto the pavement through the soggy shoe box.

I much prefer when they give the children a choice which sort of medium of presentation they want to use i.e. Power point, paper etc..

It gives the child a fighting chance of actually being able to create their own masterpiece, using skills they actually possess!

My daughter came up with a great idea for her project, the topic is Rivers and Waterways..  She pipes up “Mummy, I’ve got a fantastic idea for my project!” Wow, I think, independent thinking – steady on!!  “I’m going to take a tub full of water and say it’s a reservoir.” “Yes darling, and…” “And what?” (looking very perturbed at this point that I dare to question her idea) “Well what else?” “No, that’s it, easy peasy!”  I can just imagine her teachers face if she strolls in with the washing up bowl full of water expecting a gold star!!  Me thinks we need to re-think this one…

Any hoo!  Hoping the year continues in this vain, I am determined not to take Anyone or Anything for granted!  Life is just too short!

Target:  Appreciate Life!




Oh – Mi – God!!!

Oh Mi God! – Oh Mi God! – Oh Mi God! – Oh Mi God!!!!

I’ve actually managed it!  I’ve pushed the button marked ‘PUBLISH’ on Kindle Publishing…

Oh Mi God!!!!  Again!!!

Sorry, I’ll sort out my composure… There we are… I’ve recovered…For now.

Yep, I’ve finally done it, and published my new book.  It will be available for sale in 72 hours apparently..  I can hardly believe it.  It’s a bit of a anti-climax to be honest.  I actually finished writing several weeks ago, but wanted to wait to see if I got any Agent interest before self-publishing.  But I’ve bit the bullet now and done it.  There is absolutely no excuse not to continue with my next one now.   I am officially (well sort of) an author of sorts…  Not that I’ve sold anything yet, but that’s a minor detail..  Not that I’d not love to be able to make a living out of it, as I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  But the important thing is that I’ve got the ball rolling now, with my first one…

It makes me laugh how completely Non-Plus the kids are about it all.  “Mummy has uploaded her book to publish, darling, how about that!” “What?” by son replies nonchalantly, “Published, I’m actually getting published!” “Oh, yeah, great…” and with that I hear a huge bang, as he runs slap bang into a wheelie bin on his scooter!  It did make me giggle though, he really cannot do more than one thing at once!  Talking AND watching where he is going is really too much to ask!

As for my daughter… She had to do some homework on the laptop, so I logged on for her and then ask, “Would you like to see Mummy’s book darling?”.. she looked at me with a grimace of disgust “No, Mummy, I don’t”.  Well that told me!

Maybe if I manage to work out the correct formatting to get my book published in paperback and I show them the physical results they might actually feel happy for me!

Or Maybe not, there are far more important things to worry about, like sleepovers and the chuffing X Box!!

My husband, bless him.. He does try and sound enthusiastic, he has always been super supportive of my exploits and I love him very much for it!  However I can tell inside he’s muttering… “Thank god for that!!  Maybe she’ll shut up about the whole ‘writing’ thing for a while now…”  I don’t blame him, he has a lot on his plate at work, and is hardly ever at home.  So when he is, he want to spend quality time together… Not listen to me wittering on about plot lines and character foibles.

Well, I really feel like I’ve achieved something this week, and I can start anew next week feeling positive and primed for new adventures.

Target: Achieve an Oh – Mi – God moment!






Have any of you lot ever nipped upstairs for something and once you’re there, your memory just goes absolutely and completely BLANK!   What is THAT all about?

I am sure it didn’t happen in my twenties, thirties maybe.. but I just put that down to baby brain, where your lack of sleep results in a zombie like state from which there is no escape.

But now there is no excuse, except getting OLDER!!  Yes it’s inevitable and yes it happens to the best of us, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

Today, I topped that by actually just walking from the lounge to the kitchen, and .. ermmm..what was it I came in here for… errrmmm… nope.. it’ll come, it’ll come – NOPE! It’s not coming, oh well, I head back then AH-HA! I remember now.  It was only to put the flipping heating on!   Nightmare!

I have always been a fan of lists… a “natural organizer” my Granddad, God Rest, had said.  It is very true.  I have always loved organizing, it is where my true “happy place” resides.  Whether it be organizing the kids, a project at work, or a weekend away with the girls.  It’s all good, that’s my comfort zone.  But now, lists are not just a nice comfort, they are an absolute necessity!

Try explaining this to my seat-of-his-pants, late for everything, the-opposite-of-planner husband however, is a never ending battle.  “Can you get me some deodorant please darling?” “Is it on the list” I have on playback… “No, it’s in your head now, that’s good enough”.  Well not anymore… my memory is definitely not what it was.  Not that I’m in the realms of dementia just yet, but it is always safer to write ABSOLUTELY-EVERYTHING-DOWN!

My daughter is definitely starting to embody the very female skills of organisation, and she never forgets her water bottle, PE Bag, Sponsorship form etc. etc.  My son however astounds me with his ability to forget everything that he needs, almost every day.  Hey ho, looks like he has got my husbands genes to blame for that.

I also find, I don’t actually have as much space in my mind as I used to have.  We all know multi-tasking is a female trait.  I think I watched some science program where they claimed it had something to do with the parts of the brain that females use the most.  This trait however is not assisted by the fact I cannot fit as much stuff in my brain these days!

Today for example, I was planning on taking a day off the blog, just so I didn’t have so much going on in my head.  I decided however that the opportunity to unload my head in my blog was just what the doctor ordered!   When I woke up I had the following clogging up my mind:

  1.  Usual stuff to get kids to school (including PE bag for Robbie with football socks)
  2. Trade in Grimm DVDs from last Christmas, as my husband bought me them twice.
  3. Get hubby’s favorite sausages from the butchers.
  4. Collect Son’s new school trousers as he looks like he’s wearing plus fours!
  5. Buy paints for son’s school project: Coastline in a shoe box – marvelous – which has to be in next week – ARGGGHH!
  6. Buy pet food and new toy for cat, as she’s bored with her other ones.
  7. Write blog for the day when I get home.
  8. Catch up on social media.. Twitter… Facebook…. Instagram….
  9. Search for book cover AGAIN!  And try not to get duped this time…
  10. Upload book to Kindle for self publishing review.
  11. Get back into writing 2nd book, so can follow up on Kindle.
  12. Oh yeah, and book Eden Hall health spa for me and the girlies!

I think that’s about it… aaahhhhh…. that’s better, it’s all downloaded now.  See what I mean – nightmare!!!  I hope most of the ladies out there can relate, maybe now hubby will understand why I need a list!

That in mind, I am only up to number 7, (I think I’ll jump to number 12..)and need to pick kids up in 3 hours so best get on!

Target:  Download Memory



Get Involved!

Today is one of those rare days I get to be involved in my child’s learning at the school.

Year 4 are going on a river walk!  Yeah!

Yes, my daughters year group is venturing out of the school grounds and walking along a river for a couple of hours as part of their project work for this term.  Although I am of course happy to be included in such outings, it also fills me with dread coping with over 100 year 4 children for the afternoon.   Strange I know, as I did have a stint myself working in a school setting, however working at a school and volunteering are 2 totally different animals.

As a volunteer you are there first and foremost to ‘help out’ and the teaching staff are always profoundly grateful for any help they can get!  However, for me, it is actually more difficult now that I have worked in a school, as my urge to correct can often overwhelm me.  This makes things difficult, not being a member of staff I do not really feel it is my place to impose sanctions.  I will of course use positive re-enforcement as a method to control any situation which may arise, but it is very strange to be in this kind of pseudo-responsible position.

I know I’m over thinking it, I do love doing stuff like this with my children, even if it is below zero outside!!!

No doubt there will be other parents there, with no qualms at all about dealing with the kids.  I need to relax a bit I think and just act like a Mummy who is helping out, out of the goodness of her heart… Well sort of.

Back to this morning however… My head is still reeling from trying to download a chuffing book cover from the internet.  I have been duped out of a dollar so far, to be told I only have licence to this cover for 23 hours!!  What shall they do if I use it after this?  It is downloaded on my laptop now, if I did use it would Black Ninjas jump out of the sky and march me off to some Overlord of Images for my punishment!!! It is all very confusing, so I will have to go back to the drawing board.

I have always wanted to write a book, so I took the opportunity last year, whilst not in gainful employment, to do so.  My school volunteering kind of went on hold during this time, much to the annoyance of my daughter’s Teacher who had asked me to do readers for them.  She has always been a bit aloof since then…  It does amuse me when those in full time employment cannot understand why those of us labelled ‘Full Time Mums’ (FTM for short) do not have the time to ‘work for nothing!’ to do their bit for the community.  Well, I’m sorry but us FTMs do have a life of our own too you know!  With hope and dreams and goals etc. etc.   (Apologies rant mode over!)

ANYWAYS UP ..I have finished my manuscript and sent it off to Literary Agents far and wide but to no avail.  One can assume after 6 weeks and no word that they do not consider me the next J K Rowling…So I have come to the conclusion that self-publishing is the way to go.

I am a bit of a read-a-holic and download several books/samples from Kindle each week.  I do find it very irritating when I find spelling or grammar mistakes in any books, so I AM trying to be doubly sure that my book, whether it excites people or not, is at least in proper English!  The trouble is, I often have several books unfinished, it takes a lot for me to be gripped by any novel.    So to try and write a book which you don’t want to put down is no mean feat, let me tell you!

Rights, I gotta go now, lunchings before school outing.  I don’t think the Christmas Cake I ate for breakfast will sustain me all day..  At least I’ll get some exercise!!

Target:  Get Involved!




This morning was pretty typical for a Monday..

Managed to drag myself out of bed while it is pitch dark and everyone else is still snoring away in dreamland.. how nice for them.

Made up all the pack-ups and school bags, moved clarinet case and football boots/socks, near the door.  Fed the cat and let her out into the absolutely FREEZING!! morning.

Went back upstairs and awoke the children who were full of the joys of spring.. NOT!!!

My son just tends to get on with stuff, really quietly and slowly… perfect for me.

My daughter however, snuggles down in our bed, and it takes her at least 15 minutes just to get her tights on!  So I constantly berate her to hurry herself up, to no avail.

Hubby then gets up, does his thing in the bathroom and leaves.

I leave the children having their breakfast while I go outside and put everything in the car and defrost the windows.  My son comes out to help .. bless him … although I end up spending 5 minutes searching in his bag for his gloves before he could actually help.  But it’s the thought that counts.

When I return indoors my daughter is not doing bad for her… she has put her arse in gear.. kind of.. and is just brushing her teeth.  When she comes downstairs she moans at me to shut the front door as it is “Very Chilly Mummy!”…you don’t say….  To which I calmly reply “No, you need to CHOP CHOP Missy!!”.  Which in fairness she then does.

So off the school we go.  I am feeling okay at this point, we are in reasonable time to get through traffic.  However, as I am kitted out in my ‘Just Do It’ leggings ready for my Exercise class this morning, by legs are like icicles.  I try to stay positive… whispering the mantra in my head… ‘It is worth it….it is worth it…”


I park up and the kids jump on their scooters, I find this is a much quicker way to get to school and it encourages me to get a shift on too.  However this morning, my children were determined to argue with each other every-single-step-of-the-way to school.  My daughter screeches at her brother “I want to stay with mummy! You go past!” “No, you go past!” “Get off the back of my scooter you idiot!” “I am not on the back of your scooter you loser!”.. And so it continued…

At one point my daughter stopped dead, right in the middle of the narrowest path on earth with a gazillion parents and children behind us!  Then my son stops directly behind her and won’t budge.  At this point I loose it and physically move my son around my daughter and bellow that they will NOT be allowed their scooters tomorrow morning!!

As my children quietly but quickly scooted up to the school gates I then got the Mumma guilt from bellowing at them, and shunting my son up the path.

I cannot help this guilt thing, it dawns almost straight after any incident with the children where I get stressed out and loose it.  I almost feel that I have failed as a Calm Collected Modern Mummy who does not shout at her children as she needs to be a respected role model for her little darlings.

Anyway, I hugged my son goodbye “Your breath stinks!” he smiled, great, oh well seems like he’s forgiven me…

My daughter however, in true diva style, remains with a face like a spanked arse for the next 5 minutes while we wait for the door to open.  Then it does.

Wonderful, well wasn’t that fun.  Just a typical Monday morning I hear you cry!

Well, now for more of ‘the fun’.. Legs, Bums and Tums here I come!

Happy Mondays!!

Target:  Monday Morning Mantra



Ok, I really thought I was rocking a genius anthem today!  As my very-expensive-but-looks-really-cool Cordless vacuum had decided to intermittently cut out.  On the advice of a friend who is also a vacuum junkie, I searched the internet for answers.  There was plenty of advice on YouTube, however none of it actually worked..

Still I persevered (which for me is not the usual) and managed to unblock all the dust in all the crevices and got it working!  This is a first for me, I’m afraid I’m one of these Mums who normally waits for Daddy to get home and bombard him with what I’ve managed to ‘break’ today.  So I felt extremely proud.. although a bit miffed as this means I had no excuse but to vacuum the whole house as we would probably all be consumed in a cloud of toxic dust otherwise.

I have always envied those people labelled ‘clean-a-holics’ who actually ENJOY housework and spend several hours a day making sure their house is as clean and germ free as humanly possible.  It is not that our house is dirty, but I must admit to some weeks doing the absolute minimum to maintain a tidy house.  (Except for the bathrooms, with my family’s digestive traits, they must be maintained on daily basis…or risk some kind of stink pollution!)

Feeling truly pleased with myself I then decide to do some research on the internet with regards to downloading your own images and designs.  There were many links to ‘professionals’ who could do this for you to create ebook covers and blog backdrops, all for a FEE of course…

Then I saw FREE FREE FREE design… ummm that looks suspicious, surely they can’t be completely free, how do they make any money?  Anyway I investigated the site further and so far so good.  I managed to download what looked like a top-notch design with my own text and backdrop … COOL!   There was a nagging voice however telling me that this was WAY too easy!

And, surprise, surprise, once I’d saved my design and attempted to download it into the format I needed, up pops a payment box!  Why do I always get seduced by these things! I’m sure I’m not the only one…  Of course I haven’t bought it, I need to do more research, but I expect I will end up giving in just to get what I want.

So, at this point feeling the opposite of genius, I decide to make my lunch in these gimmicky bread pocket thingys.. which seemed like a good idea at the time, and of course they were on offer.  Well when I put them in the toaster it seemed to be going well, the cat was whining at my feet so I thought I had better let her out to avoid her ‘litter box’ ablutions and cause myself more work..  So I went to let her out..

What’s that smoke?  Oh god… yep you’ve guessed it smoke was pouring out of the top of the toaster as I had ‘overfilled’ the pocket with cheese which was now burning.  I rushed to pop the toaster and then it took me several minutes (and burns) to get the burnt pockets out of the said toaster.  Great.

Once I had cleaned up my mess I did still eat them, although they looked more like black pancakes than pockets.

So, it seems I haven’t got my genius gig on today after all.  Never mind…at least life is never boring.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Target:  Invoke Genius Gene

Nope!     Not today…


Budgeting in style!

Hello there my lovelies!!  I am back on form today, the antibiotics have started to kick in and I’m feeling more like myself.  Thank Goodness!!

Got too much to do!  Did my normal thing this morning though…  popped off to Sainsburys as we have friends coming over for tea.  I’d just planned to pick up a few bits, as you do…  WRONG!!

I did my usual… Right, that will do for the 4 kids I need to feed, with some lovely cakes shaped into mice for tea, perfect.  I did feel like a cheater though, hardly home cooked when the veg are all pre-chopped and ready for the microwave, but hey ho!  It’s still Veg!

Now for the adults… ummm Wine, we need Wine.  Oh and maybe a few snacks…

AH-HA!  oh, that handbag looks nice, oooooo.. with a matching scarf!!  What’s that over there.. ah yes.. jumper dresses, can never have too many of those, especially in this weather… brrr….

Well, now that my trolley was full of ready chopped veg, wine, handbag and clothes, off to the checkout..  this is really budgeting in style – NOT!  Oh god!  About trice what I’d planned.  Best not mention this to the old man.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, even my son knows what I’m like.  Whenever we pop to the shops together, (which I try to avoid wherever possible) he’ll pipe up “So what’s on your list Mummy? ” and as I continue to pop things in the trolley he’ll check up on me, “No Mummy, that’s not on the list!” It’s like having a mini hubby looking over my shoulder.

Similarly, all day on Saturday my husband was working from home, he refused to put the heating on, so he and my son were sat downstairs in coats, hats and scarfs!  Then the following day when hubby had to go into the office I put the heating on… my son was very offended!  “Mummy, that’s a waste of money!  Just put your scarf on!”  I then had to explain to my son that I refuse to walk around the house with icicles hanging off my nose just to save a few quid!  However all this said, I have just had a lovely email from our electricity provider to say our monthly bill is going up by 20 quid!  So best keep all those lights switched off!

I have often been seduced by these offers to opt into an energy auction to save pounds on your bills, but I’ve always dipped out at the last minute.  I just like to be in control of my own destiny as it were, so prefer dealing direct with the energy companies.  No matter what claims these energy groups make.  Maybe I’m cutting my nose off to spite my face (wow that’s an old one… showing my age!) but it’s just the control freak side of my nature!

Well I best get on with getting the house ready for my guests, although the flipping-god-damn-expensive cordless vacuum is on the blink again!  Will I ever learn…

Target:  Budget with Style.

Done – NOT!!

Pity Me!

Well, today couldn’t have been much different to my lovely pampering day yesterday, it has been RUBBISH!

I spent the whole night tossing and turning with an irritating EYE INFECTION!!!

When I awoke it looked like I’d done 10 rounds with Tyson ! (Well, slight exaggeration..)

My eye was all puffed up, with lovely gooey stuff weeping out of the side, MAGIC!!

So I’ve basically wasted the day as I spent HOURS… waiting to speak to a doctor on the phone; then getting an appointment with the nurse; then going to see the nurse; then waiting for the doctor because the nurse needed her opinion!!!  Lets just say it took some time….

I now have antibiotics..marvelous!!  Of course the first thing I did was check if I can still drink alcohol… it doesn’t say…. how annoying!!!  Surely it would say if it was dangerous wouldn’t it??  Typical.

Of course hubby was full of his normal sympathy for my plight, his words were “well don’t fiddle with it you will make it worse” and that was it.  I should know not to get any comforting words from him, as when he is pawly he just talks to no one and wants absolutely no sympathy!  He therefore gives none, well to me anyway.

The kids were lovely though, my daughter looked into my eye with concern and said “just keep them closed all day mummy”, so I proceeded to tell her it would be a bit difficult to get her to school with my eyes closed, “I don’t mind ” she responds.  Nice try honey.

My son just said “Make sure you go to the doctors Mum”, which was sweet.  It is nice to know I have installed the gift of empathy into my children at least.

Suffice to say I have done nothing I planned to do today.  Washing, ironing, shopping, cleaning, exercise etc etc will just have to wait until tomorrow.  So many apologies for short blog today…if Teach were to mark my work today her words would be in big red pen “Must Do Better!”

Target:  Avoid Self Pity

Done.  (Well almost..)





Pamper me!

Now, I don’t want people thinking I can afford this everyday, because I definitely cannot, but I treated myself to a FABULOUS Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage today at a local beauty salon (using some Christmas money I might add).

Every woman should have one of these periodically, in fact I think it should be on the next government manifesto (hey check me out – politics!) that every woman in the country should be entitled to a treatment a month to make sure she is sufficiently chilled out to run the country (here’s looking at you Theresa May).  What do you think?  Think she’d go for it?

A good argument could be that if the woman of every household is not functioning on all cylinders as it were, then there will be no future!!  Everyone understands that the female psyche can be restored with a bit of pampering!! Well, we can but dream…

To be serious for a moment, I am quite encouraged by the number of females obtaining powerful roles on the world stage.  It does seem that we are moving in the right direction and many women are flourishing.  However on the flip side of that, I have read article upon article in the media where, in some countries women are still regarded as the lowest of the low, and the way that they are treated is totally incomprehensible to someone from middle England.  It is a world of contradictions and I have utter respect for women who have suffered and survived a life of torment.  We should feel truly humbled by these women and very thankful for our own privileges.

Right, enough of the serious, onto my precious family…

Especially after my daughters comments this morning “Why is your bum so squidgy mummy?” to which I calmly reply “It has always been like that darling”

My husband then decides to correct this statement with “Oh no it hasn’t!” – Yeah, thanks for the pantomime response hubby, that makes me feel real confident about my body image!  He obviously doesn’t want any tea to materialize tonight.  One thing he is very good at, is pressing my buttons!!  And not in a good way I might add.  I can’t speak for others but I certainly find that my husband takes extreme pleasure out of winding me up at any opportunity.  You would think by now that he would understand doing this does not encourage Mummy to heed to his every need (yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

He is also as tight as my spandex!  He mentioned we should go out together for a date night some time soon.  What a lovely thought you cry!  Yes, well it would be,but when I suggested we go out on Valentine’s night, he was extremely adamant that we will not!  To be fair to him it’s not just because prices are increased by 100%, but also he hate’s crowds and waiting…  On Valentine’s night it is true that due to high demand you are often in a reduced time slot in some restaurants and it can feel like you’re on a bit of a Cupids assembly line!   So I guess I’ll have to pin him down to another night..

Anyway, all this talk of pampering and nights out has put me in the mood to book my annual girlie trip to a Health Spa!!  I know, but it’s only once a year…

“Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you’ll see into your imagination…  “

Target:  Feel Pampered